Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting the workouts done before work

Yesterday I really took advantage of my flexible work hours so I could get my workouts done before work without having to get up before 5am. Dropped the dog off at daycare at 7 then hit the gym where I had my body fat tested in a hydrostatic test. It's a workout in and of itself. Exhale all your air and then go underwater. Not easy for a swimmer's brain. I convinced the guy running the test that I would be much happier to take a breath and then go under water and exhale it all. "But you'll be under water longer." Why should I care? It's 85 degrees and I like the water. I did this test back in January around the time I started training regularly. Since then I've gained (yes gained!) 5 pounds total, but I lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 7 pounds of muscle. If I could lose a few more fat pounds and keep the muscle, I'll be happy. (My Tanita scale with the body fat % measurement was exactly on the dot in January, but yesterday it read 2% higher then the hydrostatic test.)
The test was a fasting test, so I quickly inhaled two gels and headed off for my 5 mile run with intervals. I had enough energy for the run, though the first two intervals my legs felt like bricks. Must be all that extra muscle weight. After the run, which took 60 minutes on the dot - I love easy math, I did weights for 30 minutes. During the weights I really started getting hungry! I'd brought breakfast to eat at work but decided I couldn't wait that long so ate a Larabar and banana while driving back to the daycare, where I left my car and rode my bike to work. Logistically a little tough, but I fit everything in. Except the 10 minutes of abs. Maybe today...
This morning I had a 3000 swim on the schedule. I got Barricuda ear plugs the other day since I hate how cold my ears get when I swim and I figured ear plugs might give me one less excuse to not swim. Turns out they contributed to my many excuses this morning as to why I couldn't possibly swim the whole 3000. I wear two swim caps to keep warm, too. One under the goggles so that my goggles stick properly (directly on hair they seem to move around a bit), then goggles, then a cap over the goggles. The top cap is important to keep goggles in place even if I get kicked in the face. Well, the caps and the ear plugs didn't work very well together. I need to play with them a bit to figure out a solution, but one ear plug ended up hurting a lot and the other wasn't doing a whole lot. Plus I was really congested and had to stop every 100 yards to cough, and a burn I got the other day was stinging from the chlorine. So I decided I could only bear to do 1500 because really, isn't the whole point of this to have fun? (Yes, ironman training is FUN!) and being miserable wasn't fun. But then I realized it was wimpy to swim anything less than a mile, so I swam to 1750. Then I did a flip turn without thinking about it so figured I should just do another 10 laps and be done at 2000. I hit the hot tub for a few minutes then the steam room to help clear my lungs. It worked. Maybe I'll do an extra long swim on Monday to make up for it?
Looking forward to a massage tonight, now that the workout is out of the way. (Or as out of the way as it's going to be.) I'm hoping my legs can get loosened up and all ready for my long run on Saturday. Speaking of loosening up muscles, I got a few more pieces of near equipment recently, too. I got the Grid Foam Roller a few weeks ago to help stretch my IT Band. I wanted a portable roller to bring to FL. It works pretty much the same as a regular foam roller. I'm not overly thrilled with the different textures. I think I like a solid surface better. It's hard to tell a difference, but I definitely like the longer traditional roller for my back and to do ab workouts. The customer service at Trigger Point is great though, and I'm really happy to have a roller that fits in the suitcase. I bought the Grid from my local Fleet Feet, but my puppy shredded the piece of cardstock that came with it which had different stretching exercises. I didn't even have a chance to look at it before Sierra tore it up. Trigger Point emailed me the image file! Also, a new HRM/bike computer is sitting at home waiting for me. This IT Band Wrap is on its way to me. I'm curious if the IT Band Wrap works at all. The reviews on Amazon are pretty positive though.
Got an email from Ironman yesterday saying they will be issuing race numbers soon! The 2009 Athlete Guide came out too. Lots of fun details with official rules:
"If you have a technical problem or have bonked, the Sag car will take you to the next aid station."  (For the bike portion. I remember when my friend Nikka started cycling, she said she loved that there was a word for totally running out of energy)
"No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed. " (For the run portion. Hopefully won't have to pull a Julie Moss crawl!)
And is it just me or is it lame that swimmers are allowed to hold on to kayaks as long as "no forward motion" takes place? I guess that's to try to keep the drownings down.


  1. Hey, one of the boats picked me up in San Francisco bay when the currents were taking me out to the Pacific. I missed the entrance to Aquatic Park when swimming from Alcatraz. (I guess I was taking too many pictures with the water cam)

    Don't we have a race in a few weeks??

  2. bonked? I thought that was my mom's word. Who knew it was the for-real term for that!!!

    and no, it's not just you -- that kayak rule is lame. How could the kayak stay perfectly still anyway?