Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feels like fall

The days are definitely getting shorter. I had to convince Dave to come with me on my easy 3 mile run this morning so that I wouldn't be running alone in the dark or on the treadmill. We started about 45 minutes before official sunrise time. I think it gets bright enough to feel okay running on my own about 30 min before sunrise. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next month!  (Maybe the people who do IM Wisconsin have the right idea of getting it over with by mid-September!) To keep my HR in the 60-70% zone we were trotting along at just a 12 min mile pace. 36 minutes later it was time for breakfast before I headed to the pool.
I've said this before but this time I reeeeeally didn't want to swim. Dave tried to motivate me by telling me how much better my swim will be in FL if I swam today. That's when I realized that last winter I kept telling myself "I'll start swimming regularly in the winter. I'll go to masters 3 times a week." I figured since it's now mid-September, I should perhaps stop putting off swims. (But I'll continue to put off masters. Those people are way too fast.) When I walked into the locker room at the gym, I thought "hey I could do weights now and swim after work instead of the other way around" but I knew it was possible I'd blow off the afternoon swim by reasoning that the pool is always crowded after work. I chatted with a woman in the locker room who told me the pool temp was nice and reminded me that the cooler the air feels, the warmer the water feels. After I decided I should give the pool a chance, she warned me that she's "one of those crazy people who swims in the winter." I tried not to feel conned. Walking to the pool which still didn't have the glimmer of morning sunlight yet, I glanced at the hot tub longingly. Maybe if I got in the hot tub first, I'd warm up! I bargained with myself that I could sit in the hot tub for a few minutes after my swim. Even once I got halfway into the pool I was thinking of hopping back out and getting in the hot tub instead. But I decided I'd look really stupid if I did that. Even though I didn't see anyone around who might make that judgment, my ego got me swimming and one lap at a time I finished the 3000. Every 250 or so I thought "hm I could cut it short, hit the hot tub, and still have time for weights" but I just kept swimming because I didn't want to disappoint my coach! I either swam 3000 or 3050 in 58:30. I don't know how I always manage to think I'm off by a lap. I didn't even save time for the hot tub. Whenever I worry about the cold water, I remind myself that I'll be wearing a wetsuit on November 7. That'll keep me warm.
I love the post-swim feeling I get, much more so than the pre-swim feeling of dreading the cold! My mind is practically numb, probably from the boring laps! So it feels like my brain has a clean slate for the day. I feel a little sleepy, very relaxed, and sometimes my arms are so tired it's hard to wash my hair. The chlorine seems to linger even post-shower, so it makes me feel clean, though perhaps also overly sanitized.


  1. Kendra -- I'll be thinking about you and your workouts while I'm on the East Coast for the next two weeks, and every time I'm tempted to start up my wimpy whining when I'm tired of trekking across Boston or Manhattan, I'll be sure to stifle myself in your honor. You Go Girl!! Dana :)

  2. Thanks, Dana! Have a great trip! That Freedom Trail is a tough one though when it's hot out!