Thursday, September 3, 2009

Easy run with the family

My husband was able to come home for his "weekend" Tuesday night, so my Wednesday morning easy 4 mile run was with him and the dog. Forced family fun!   To keep my HR in the proper zone we had to go reeeally slowly. My HR kept tinkering on going over 70% so then I had to slow down some more. The slow run reminded me of how much faster I've gotten at running since I started 4 years ago. My long runs when I trained for my first half ironman were typically at a 14-15 minute mile pace, and the shorter runs weren't that much faster! Yesterday's average pace was 12:19. At one point we came across one of those electronic signs that shows drivers how fast they are driving. It actually registered us, alternating between 5 and 6 mph for a few seconds before another car flew past.
After the run I went to the gym to do weights before riding my bike to work from the gym. I did just 1 minute of abs in the morning while waiting for my breakfast to cook, so all day I had the other 9 minutes hanging over my head. If I had my yoga mat in my office, I could do them at lunch, but the floor is just not soft enough for crunches (or for sleeping on, which is why I really need to bring the yoga mat to work next time I drive!). It was so nice to get a ride home from work and come home to a yummy smelling house with dinner already made. It was just like how things used to be when we lived together like a normal husband and wife. Surprising both of us, I did my last 9 minutes of abs before bedtime. Go me! Working on replacing the keg with a 6 pack 1 minute at a time.
Today is rest day/swim if I can. I've got my swim gear with me and am hoping to hit the pool after work. I'm looking forward to the long weekend. I've got a bike shop appointment Saturday morning to make some minor fit adjustments and later in the day I'll do a swim, weights, and abs. It'll be the first Saturday without running or biking for a long time!
In following a trend on many other athlete's blogs, and in the hopes that it will make me feel productive, I've decided to give a summary of my August training:
Swim: 8.279 miles (285.5 minutes)
Bike: 522 miles (2120.5 minutes) 
Run: 60.17 miles (684 minutes)
Walk: 1.65 miles (25 minutes) (just counting walking when done b/c of ITBS)
Weights: 126 minutes
Abs: 39 minutes (Not counting time spent vomiting, although it certainly made my abs sore...)
Total: 3392.25 minutes (about 56.5 hours of training), 602.75 miles traveled
Not too shabby for spending the first week of the month absolutely miserably sick.

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