Sunday, September 6, 2009

40/4 Brick

I'm a member of various fitness groups. It's a way to meet people with common interests, but mostly I use it to find group rides. I almost never participate in any of the rides though because they rarely fit my training schedule, or they require me to drive 20 miles to go on a 30 mile bike ride, which just seems silly to me. Recently some group rides have been organized on Thursday evenings near me. I know myself well enough that I can't commit to an evening ride with anyone, but I did manage to email the ride organizer a few times and as a result I found myself with a riding buddy this morning. I met Mica nearby and off we went on a 40 mile route he knew.

Mica's route took us along a pave bike path I'd been on once. We headed north to the farmlands and ended up doing a big counter-clockwise loop past the airport and down to the park. We traveled about 15-20 miles on the same roads I've been taking lately, but other than that it was new to me. Fairly good roads to ride on - either almost no cars at all, or a decent shoulder with very light traffic. We managed to ride side-by-side for most of the ride. Having someone to chat with sure makes the time fly, and I probably rode a little faster, but I did aim to keep my HR in the right zone. The ride ended up being 40.33 miles - pretty darn close to 40! It was especially nice riding with someone who is a bit faster than me but willing to ride at my pace - it meant my training wasn't slowed down! My only complaint is that our quick stop at the restrooms and drinking fountain turned into a 10 minute snack stop, but I guess not everyone feels comfortable eating while riding. My Speedfil worked well, though I wasn't riding in the aerobars as much as usual. I'm hoping to figure out more about where I want the drinking tube to be tomorrow on my ride. Right now it's velcroed to my right aerobar. I think it needs to be trimmed a little too, but still deciding on that one. (40.33 miles in 2 hrs 36 min by HRM, bike computer says avg 16.0mph)

Immediately after the 40 mile ride, I changed into my running shorts, velcroed on my amphipod with my prefilled water bottles, leashed up the dog and ran out the door. Sierra and I ran 4 miles around noon - it felt a lot hotter than the weather sites said it was. We stuck to the shade whenever possible, even though it meant running back and forth on a few stretches to squeeze out the extra mile. (46 minutes for 4 miles, 11:31 min mile pace) The first 3 miles felt long, but the last one was done before I knew it. I guess that's better than the other way around? The rest of the day Sierra and I were tired and hungry! I feel like I ate the whole kitchen. I'm a little worried about how tired I might be tomorrow since I've got a 40 mile ride with intervals followed by another swim. Swimming always makes me sleepy! Maybe I should start napping on the weekends like Sierra does...

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