Sunday, September 20, 2009

100/2 brick

Today's brick was a toughie, mostly because it was so hot. I can't believe I'm complaining about heat and it's not even 100 degrees (though close). Guess it's been too long since I lived in Phoenix. The week is going to just keep getting hotter, too. Isn't it technically autumn soon?

I ended up taking the pup to the dog park before my ride. It was mostly for my own benefit because it gave me the chance to write up my nutrition plan for the ride while Sierra got some exercise. It's hard to walk the dog and take notes at the same time. So my ride didn't get started til 8:40am. Ugh! Not the best time to start a 100 mile bike-2 mile run brick on a day where the high is supposed to be 94!

The 100 miles on the bike were alright. I took the scenic route to the bike path (~22 miles, passing the airport), rode the path til my odometer hit 50 and turned around and came back the same way. The route past the airport is pretty awful in the afternoon. It's exposed and can be pretty windy. I figured it'd be a good mental toughness workout. I averaged 15.7 mph overall, the first 50 were 16.0. I finally noticed my bike computer shows arrows to indicate if my current speed is above or below my average speed. I saw a lot of down arrows in my last 20 miles.

Around mile 70 is when I started getting uncomfortable. I think I need to adjust my saddle again and I'd really like to figure out the problem with my bike shoes. Maybe it's time to try a different brand. I finally remembered to bring a banana for a long ride, since I plan to eat the bananas on the race course. I need to figure out a way to ingest more protein on the bike. I managed to eat a packet of honey peanut butter, but the first half was so thick and tough to choke down that it took me at least an hour or two before I convinced myself to try to finish it. The PB was better with banana. Why do drinks with protein taste so bad?? Can the aid stations just pass out grilled chicken bites? How about kabobs to place across the aerobars? Also I think I need to have more sodium. I had one Endurolyte every 30 minutes but it's got a mix of electrolytes and the sodium is probably not as high as I could use.

The run wasn't as bad as I envisioned during the last 10 miles on the bike. I left the dog at home because I decided it'd be too hot for her, and I didn't want her slowing me down with all the stops she likes to make. I found some shade so I wouldn't have to listen to my skin sizzle and I averaged an 11:37 pace. I felt like I was taking mini-steps though for the first half mile. My lower back felt pretty tight on the left side for at least the first mile, but that seems to be normal for me. I drank almost all 16oz of water I brought with me on the run. A lot of water in 23 minutes. I jumped in the pool right after my run (sweaty running clothes still on) and that helped cool me off. It was 96 degrees when I finished. My head is still hot 2 hours later. After I showered I couldn't tell if I was hungry or nauseous. I correctly assumed it was hunger, luckily.

I've been seeing lots of wildlife on my rides lately, which surprises me given the heat. Today I saw lots of turkeys and a few dead snakes. On my ride last weekend I saw a buck (at least a 4 pointer!) and the other day I had to stop on that hilly and hot ride to let some deer pass. Sometimes the snakes I come across aren't flattened enough for me to tell if they're alive or not. I did come across one really big snake on the bike path a few months ago. No live snakes today though!

With the countdown on, it seems I'm not the only one who's getting serious about watching what I'm using to fuel my body. My fellow IMFL bloggers all seem to be thinking the same thing. Traveling 140.6 miles with 5-10 fewer pounds sure might make the whole day a little easier. I was thinking about eliminating all non-fruit desserts, since my sweet tooth is the real problem for me. Then I had a dream about brownies and it made me realize how hard it's going to be. But I'm still going to give it a shot, and ever since I made this decision (2 days ago?) I've been wanting vegetables a lot more than sweets and just focusing on alkaline foods in general, so I think it might be okay. And maybe it'll make me want to get to that finish line that much faster if there's a gluten free brownie waiting for me. At the grocery store yesterday I stocked up on cantaloupe and frozen mango and strawberries. Frozen mango was a nice cool treat today after my brick workout.

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  1. Comfort is always an issue after so long on the bike. I am using an Adamo saddle which seems to help. My feet hurt after 80 miles and I am going to probably suck it up for the final 30 but they do make shoes molded to your individual feet for around $350. Some thought for next year.