Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

Yesterday was my long run of the week, but just 8 miles. It went really well, especially given that my IT band had been bothering me during the week. I didn't have any problems with it yesterday. I took the doggie with me for the first half of the run. She doesn't really have to run to keep up with me. She mostly just walks fast and sometimes will trot a little. We ran around a nearby neighborhood that had grass right next to the street. So I ran in the bike path and she ran in the grass. Perfect for both of us. Since I had to come home and drop her off after 4 miles, it seemed like just two short 4 mile runs. All I did when I got home though was take off her leash and refill my Amphipod water bottles. Sierra drank about as much as I did so my bottles were almost empty. 9 miles in 89 minutes = 11:13 min mile average. :) My pace was much more consistent without the dog.

In the afternoon, I headed to Fleet Feet. I was wondering if I needed new shoes and maybe if that was aggravating the IT band. Jeff at FF, who helped me buy my shoes last time, was so helpful again. He confirmed my old shoes need replacing. I brought in both pairs that I'd been alternating. He checked the tread of my shoes and said it was even, so since I love my shoes, I decided just to get the same ones again. Unfortunately for my Yeti-sized feet, they didn't have my size. Jeff found two local FFs and each had one pair and are sending them to my FF for me. Jeff advised to save one pair for about a month before FL and then go back to alternating the two pairs of shoes. He also told me which of my current shoes I should stop running in now and which one was okay to run in until I get the new shoes. The new version of my shoe (per Jeff it's the same, just different color) is pink instead of red. Another sign pointing towards me pinking out my bike. The bike shop has a pink version of my saddle and pink bar tape waiting for me. I'm just waiting for them to get the Speedfil hydration system in for me. It's tough when I'm too busy training to head to the bike shop for upgrades/updates!

After earning tons of FF points and discovering CarbBoom makes a watermelon flavored gel (!!!), I hit the gym for my 2000 yard swim. As usual, I hated getting in the water, but after 250-500yd I was enjoying myself. My 500yd splits were pretty even, 9.5 min, 10 min, 10 min, and probably 10 min. I lost track at one point so swam another 100 to be on the safe side. So I swam somewhere between 2000 and 2100.

Today was my long workout for the week. An 80 mile bike immediately followed by a 2 mile run. I was a little bit dreading the bike after I walked the dog this morning. It was chilly and windy. But eventually I psyched myself up for it by digging out the hot pink arm warmers and my ear warmer and by deciding to try a new route (and reminding myself that tomorrow is a rest day and I better earn that rest day). A guy in the tri club told me about a very empty but new road near the airport (near me). He uses it for wind training because it's always windy out there. So I combined checking out that road with the airport loop, a route I've heard a lot of people talk about, but I was always wary to try it because I thought there'd be lots of traffic. Now I know, these popular routes are popular for a reason!

In the morning, I saw maybe 5 cars during the first 30 miles of my ride (and 5 cyclists)! I took the airport loop down to the bike path (30 miles including 5 or 6 miles on the super smooth and empty wind tunnel road), rode out to the 12.5 mile marker on the bike path and turned around and retraced my route. I had my arm warmers on until about noon and kept my ear warmer on all day. The ear warmer does a great job at making the wind sound less fierce. The wind picked up throughout the day (per NOAA, started around 9mph and ended up at 14 with gusts up to 22) so I wasn't super excited about doing the whole wind tunnel road again. I just did a little segment. In the morning, going north on that road I was cruising at 22mph or so. Turning around and going north cost me 10mph easily. Talk about discouraging to be barely hitting 11-12mph! I've heard IMFL can be windy though, so I think I may ride there more often. Since I'd skipped a few miles on the return, I had to make up for it by riding around randomly in a nearby neighborhood. Boring! Tedious! Tiresome! Next time I'll stick to the real roads. Back and forths are getting old.

Today I had to practice my race day nutrition. I had 430 cals of my sports drink, spaced fairly evenly throughout. Though I paid special attention to drinking it on the top of the hour (of exercise time). I aimed for 2 Gu Chomps (caffeinated) twice per hour (at :15 and :45), and on the :30 I had a gel. I ate 25 Chomps (22 cals each= 550 cals) and 4 CarbBoom gels (4x110= 440 cals) (watermelon = yummy!!). Also, I was thinking that to get some protein on race day, it'd be nice if I could eat some peanut butter or almond butter. I had 1 pack of honey almond butter 3 hours into the ride (190 cals). I think it was too much almond butter all at once, or too soon after the 2:30 gel. I couldn't make myself eat the gel at 3:30, but had it at 4:00 and the next one at 5:00. Maybe next time I'll try just half a pack of the nut butter. I also forgot to bring a banana, which I plan to eat on race day. Total I had 1610 calories during the ride, about 290 cals per hour. I was aiming for 300 per hour so at least that worked out.

Bike computer stats:
Riding time: 5:15 (total time, 5:35 = 20 min of bathroom breaks or water refill stops)
Distance: 81.09 miles
Avg: 15.44 mph

I was pretty good about keeping my HR in the proper zone. I noticed it spiked when I was eating though which I thought was weird. It would also spike a little whenever I had to deal with traffic and hills (I found both near the airport - crossing the freeway) but that didn't surprise me.

The brick run went well, too. At first it felt a little weird, almost like the saddle is a smidgen too wide (actually a common complaint about this saddle, but it's the only one that seems comfy during the ride), but within two or three minutes that feeling went away and I got into the rhythm. My running pace was about 11:18 min miles. I walked for a minute after the first mile, per my usual plan for long runs. It was easy to keep my HR in the proper zone. I think maybe my legs were a little tired... Run was followed by stretching and icing and I'm going to repeat that sequence again shortly. My face feels a bit windburned.

IMFL is now less than 11 weeks away! Tomorrow's rest day calls for a massage! I'm very excited about it.

Lessons learned this week:
  • When there's a super strong cross wind, the drops are a lot more secure than aerobars.
  • When a bee flies into my helmet and I'm in the aerobars, I should not shake my head around until I get out of the aero position.
  • Bring extra water for the dog.
  • Remember to ice the IT band before it's bedtime.
  • Watermelon CarbBoom is awesome. I really don't know if I can stomach any more Gu.
  • Summer's long daylight hours are fading fast. :(


  1. Awesome job Kendra on all fronts!!! Sounds like you are getting the nutrition down. What a great training weekend. Aaaaah, enjoy your much deserved massage tomorrow!

    Hmmmm, I may have to try watermelon carboom too, sounds yummy. ;)

  2. I am in awe of anybody doing a triathlon.

  3. Oh I forgot to add that I had an Endurolyte approx every 30 min. At some point it seemed like it wasn't that hot/sunny so I did every 45 min but then I went back to every 30 as the day progressed.

    Dog: Anyone can do it!