Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Run, Bike, Bike, Bike, Bike, Swim, Weights, Bike

The subject is what I've done since my last post.

Ran 5 miles yesterday. Ok just shy of 5. 3 on the treadmill w/ hill repeats, 2 outside in fresh air with the puppy.

Biked to work from the park. I was late to work so I really booked it. My HR was way out of my cycling zone. I took a "short cut" which actually saved me about 90 seconds, but included almost falling as I turned left over the light rail tracks onto a busy street. Will probably skip that route next time.

Biked from work to the park. Less than 4 miles on the bike is almost not worth getting sweaty.

Biked this morning 24.80 miles, 1:34.36 (bike computer time), avg 15.7, mx 22.4, with wind repeats. At first I had a hard time finding the wind on the road that someone told me is always windy. But eventually I realized the wind was running east-west, not north-south. Luckily there are roads both ways that are bicycle friendly and very low traffic. So I did my wind repeats going east-west.

Then I biked some more, riding from home to the gym (~3.6). I only stopped at home to switch bikes. I don't want to be locking my precious up at the gym! The Trek is good for that though...

At the gym I swam 2600yd. My splits for each 500 yd were 9:32, 9:43, 9:37, 9:48, 9:24. I worked hard to get my last 500 as my fastest split, so I did an extra 100 to cool down. I was really enjoying my swim. If I didn't have a puppy and husband at home waiting for me, I may have kept going for awhile. There was a guy next to me near the end who had the most perfect stroke. He was Mr. SwimSmooth in the flesh.

After the swim was upper and lower body weights plus 5 minutes of abs. I did my last 5 min of abs once I got home - after lunch! So impressed with myself for actually doing them. 

The final bike was riding from the gym to lunch with Dave (~3.6).

Total bike miles today: 32.13
Total workout time: about 3.5 hours
Total naps: 0
Total snacks: lost track

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