Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Run and swim down, weights and abs to go

I managed to wake up before my 5:30 alarm, but that didn't stop me from being late to work. Next time I calculate how long a 2 mile run with the puppy should take me, I need to factor in her bathroom stops... I started my run by doing 1.5 miles on the treadmill, then I did 6x1 minute "hills" by cranking up the incline and the speed but making sure my HR didn't exceed 85%. After each hill, I had 2 minutes of recovery running. The hill repeats took me another 1.5 miles, then it was time to run with the puppy. I'd left her unattended and out of her crate, but with breakfast to keep her occupied. Only damage was one pen. She also retrieved my inhaler from the table for me, leaving it on the floor. But she must have been breathing fine as the plastic was not chewed up like last time. It's fun to run with the puppy, knowing she's getting her exercise and I'm not missing my own workout. The 5 mile run took 58 minutes total. yikes. I'm getting slower. I blame the treadmill. At least it was an enjoyable workout.

Next it was time for a quick breakfast. Already 10 minutes behind schedule, I think I lost another 5-10 minutes here checking my email to see if my husband had sent me a note. He had, so I had to respond of course. Then I grabbed my stuff for work, swim, and bike, that I'd set out last night, put my Trek in the car and drove to the gym.

The whole time I was eating breakfast and driving to the gym, I was thinking how nice it would be to swim in the afternoon when it's warmer. I think I'm the only person who doesn't get overheated while swimming. I don't really understand the need to cool an outdoor pool to sub-80 degrees for lap swimming. I'd be happy with 82-84 I think. I knew the first few laps would be the hardest. Icky cold. I swim fast for the first lap or two to warm up! The swim went well. I lost track of laps twice, but added them back in so I'd reach my 2500 yards. I knew I was going to be late to work as I had to be done with the swim by 8:30 to have a chance at walking in the door at 9, but I decided I should really finish my swim and just bike and shower fast. I still ended up 15 minutes late. That just means sticking around 15 minutes later at the end of the day before riding my bike back to the gym and driving home. The swim was nice. It sure seems to get easier after each 500 yards.

I still need to do weights and abs. I'd love to do weights at the gym, but that'd leave Sierra home alone for more than 11 hours. 11 hours is kind of the bright line I try not to cross. She needs her people time, even if she does just sleep when I'm home. (Last night she put herself to bed about an hour before it was bedtime!)

My husband got some Rudy Project sunglasses as a graduation gift and the deal included a backpack. The backpack is awesome. Perfect for bike commuting. The back has special airflow pads that keep your back from getting too sweaty, and it keeps the backpack off your pack. Now I can bring hardcover books to and from work again! (Usually just my desk calendar, for vacation and workout planning purposes.) I just ordered some Rudy Project sunglasses for myself too, but all the lenses I wanted are on backorder, so I may rethink this. I've got to get used to my contacts again if I want to have nice sunglasses for cycling. But it'd be so nice to have more coverage from the sun. Then again, maybe wearing my contacts for about 24 hours for the ironman isn't a great idea. (Up at 3:30am or so, finish before midnight, eat, then finally sleep.)

Totals from last week (Mon-Sun)
Swim: 1.846 miles (65.5 minutes)
Bike: 123.76 miles (518 minutes)
Run: 19 miles (224.5 minutes)
Weights and abs: 40 minutes
Total: 848 minutes (14 hours 8 minutes)

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  1. Makes me tired just reading the totals! But, you seem to be handling it well. Too bad about the cold water, maybe it's your desert upbringing that wants warm water? Keep up the good work!