Sunday, August 16, 2009

Riding the new bike, longest run ever

I had my first real rides on the new bike in the past few days. Thursday I was assigned 25-30 miles with 10x1 min hill repeats. Turns out the longest hill near me takes me 35 seconds to climb. Working on a solution to that still. I rode just shy of 20 miles before work and with my return commute I hit 27.25 miles. It was so fun to get out on the new bike!

Friday I used the old Trek for my partial commute. I parked my car at the gym with the bike in the trunk. The plan was to do my weights, abs, and swim before work. But then I slept in a little and took longer than I should have to leave the house. While swimming the 2000 yards, I realized I left my helmet at home. Oops. Lucky for me husband came to the rescue, bringing my helmet to the gym, so I still had time to do lower body weights. I biked the 3+ miles to work and after the return commute, I popped back into the gym to do the upper body weights and abs that I hadn't made time for in the morning. I felt so proud of myself for doing them Friday instead of postponing them til Saturday. Whenever I postpone a workout, there's a good chance it just won't happen later...

Yesterday was my long run day. 14 miles. Longest run ever! Mom - stop reading now, just skip to the next paragraph. I parked at the gym since I had high hopes that I'd actually do a recovery swim after the run - the swim I skipped Tuesday afternoon. The bummer about this is that the first 1/4 mile of the run, to the park, is a hill! I realized that my watch was going to hit 0.5 miles soon and I was almost at the 0.5 mile marker on the bike path. So I did what any person with OCD would do - I made a shortcut. Then I stumbled while getting onto the raised bike path. Fall down go boom. My ankle hurt. I thought for sure my workouts for the weekend were over. But while crying on the phone to my husband, who I'd called since I figured I'd need him to come pick me up, I realized the ankle had stopped hurting. I stood up and it seemed okay. I walked 5-10 minutes and it still seemed fine. Not swelling. So I started jogging. Took it easy, stopping every 1/2 mile to walk and recheck on the swelling and flexibility. It hurt a little when I rotated it (1 or 2 on scale of 1 to 10) but other than that was okay.

So eventually I was doing my running thing, stopping every mile to walk for a minute. Coach had me keeping my HR between 60-80% of my max, and it seemed pretty easy to do. I was also practicing my IM nutrition. I had three 8oz bottles with me, 2 with Heed and 1 with water. I could've used a fourth one. I had 1 or 2 caffeinated Gu Chomps every mile during my walk breaks, drinking water with them. I sipped on the Heed whenever I felt the urge. The run itself seemed pretty easy until around mile 10 when my right IT band started flaring up and causing my knee to hurt a bit. I think my last mile was my slowest. Oh I finally figured out how to get the auto-lap to work on my watch. Very exciting as now I can compare 1/2 mile or 1 mile splits more accurately. But all in all, the run went alright. Average pace was 12 min mile. I'm excited about doing 15 in 2 weeks, I think I can do it at a faster pace, especially if I get started a little earlier. During the last few miles, I thought that swimming sounded like a great way to relax after the run. I swam an easy 1250. I was having fun and enjoying the cool water on my tired legs, but I was getting really, really hungry too.

Today I had my first chance to go on a long ride on the new bike. It's funny because the ride was supposed to be 60 miles, which doesn't seem that long to me until I start thinking about the fact it'll take me 4 hours or so. I decided to ride the whole bike path, from the park to the lake, about 62 miles. My new bike sure attracts guys. I had 3 or 4 guys ride with me at different times during my ride - all wanting to talk about my new bike. My legs were getting tired by the end of the ride. My feet were getting uncomfortable too. Joe at the bike shop has been helping me try to eliminate the outer foot pain and numbness that I was getting on longer rides. He built some arch support into my shoes. I think they help but maybe they are too big. I think I need another shim or two to tilt my foot a little more inward too. Next weekend I've got an 80 miler with a 2 mile run afterwards. I definitely need to get started earlier. Even though I love morning workouts, I think I will really enjoy sleeping in on weekends after November 7! During my ride I saw the two other people I know from the tri club who are doing IM Florida. They were on their 14 mile long run and had ridden 80 miles yesterday. We're all on track! It kind of feels like November 7 will be our graduation day.


  1. How could this mother skip that paragraph? Especially when warned. :)
    Turned out not as bad as I feared.
    Keep up the good work sweetie.

  2. Keep healthy and dont overdo it. We want to be sure you get to the starting line!!