Friday, August 21, 2009

Puppy keeps me busy

Being the single puppy mama again has kept me from blogging regularly. More puppy, less computer.
Tuesday afternoon I did most of my ab routine. I managed about 8 minutes; my goal is 10. I try to do 10 different exercises, for one minute each. I pretty much neglected my weight routine though. I did one exercise with a 20 pound free weight and then decided I desperately needed a shower and dinner, and surely I could finish the weights after that. Except once I was clean, relaxing on the couch with the puppy was just too nice.
Wednesday I had 25 miles to ride on the bike. Last minute I decided to make it a doggie daycare day. Next time I need to decide sooner so I can drop her off right when they open and finish all 25 miles in the morning. I did 17 in the AM and 8 after work. My hill repeats got cut short when my IT band started being irritated by them. Looking at my average mph on a weekday always seems discouraging. I know my average speed drops a lot when I'm stopping at stop signs and traffic lights. (I'm not like the automobile drivers who floor it to the next red light and stop suddenly.)
Thursday I had more IT band issues when I went out for my 4 mile run, which was supposed to be half on my own and half with the dog. Just 1.5 miles into the run, my right quad/ITB started hurting. So per coach's instructions again, I stopped. I walked back home, got the dog and walked until my time for the morning run was up. I did abs at home - 9 minutes, but I did the 10th minute that evening. I went to the gym and did my weights, cautiously to try not to irritate my leg.
Today's workout called for a 2000yd swim and 25-30 miles on the bike. With coach's okay, I'm pushing today's swim to Saturday. Weekends were made for workouts! I planned on riding 18 in the morning and just my 7.5 mile commute in the afternoon, but I got started late. Sierra and I stayed up too late last night because when I forgot to make my dinner ahead of time and my vegetables took forever to roast in the oven, then we had to walk, stretch, and ice the IT band. So we snoozed a little this morning. On my ride I saw a lost doggie. It looked really sad and pathetic. I was bummed that I couldn't do much for it on my bike (no collar). I finished just over half of my day's mileage. I'm going to look for the lost dog a little bit on the way home. Maybe I'll ride my hybrid over to that area with Sierra to get the extra miles done.
I started going to bed earlier this week since I'd been tired all week. 9 hours of sleep a night is the goal. 8.5 is more common. Last night was sub-optimal. But tomorrow is SATURDAY! I love Saturday. What could be better than a whole day when all I have to do is run and swim? (plus grocery shop and laundry....)  Doing all that with my husband is what could be better. Maybe next year.

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