Sunday, August 30, 2009

A nice windy ride

I did my 60 miler this morning, well, it spilled into the afternoon quite a bit actually. My legs were tired when I woke up so I was a little worried about the ride, but they warmed up soon enough. I rode from home past the airport and along the river to the park with the bike path, rode 7 miles on the path and turned around and came home. It was windy most of the way, but I managed to just accept it and be happy to have some good training for FL. I tried having half a PB packet 2 hours into the ride, and had the other half at hour 3. Seemed to do the trick! I turned my Heed powder into a gel with a little bit of water in a flask and just squeeze a bit into the bottle whenever I added water. I love this route, bathrooms and water available fairly often! I picked up the pace throughout the ride. I think part of that might be due to the direction of the wind.

On the way back home, about 30 minutes from home I was out on the empty road near the airport and came across two cyclists on the side of the road. I try to always offer help when I see a cyclist with mechanical problems. I carry a decent amount of tools, a patch kit or two, a dollar bill, and a spare tube. 98% of the time though, nobody needs help. This time they needed tire levers because the woman's tire was so tight they couldn't get it off with just the one she had. She'd hit a sharp rock and gotten a flat. I stuck around in case they needed the levers to get the tire back on. Wow that was a snug fitting tire. It took all three of us, and about 30 minutes, to get the tire back on. I'd planned to practice changing a tire today, but I think that counts. I should still practice changing my own tire soon though. After that long stop, my legs felt a little stiff on the last 7 or 8 miles to go, and the wind was in my face for that whole stretch. I was happy to be done!  My legs were pretty tired for most of the ride, but I managed to average 15.9mph. It was 16.0 until I stopped for the tire changing.


  1. Great ride and good karma points for stopping to render aid. I too need to practice changing tires ... I am all thumbs!

  2. Keep up the good work. You might think about the brand of tires you are going to use also. I have been giving this a lot of thought. I was going to use Vittoria Open Corsa because they are top rated for low rolling resistance. But, since there is about 10 miles of bone jarring road we are going to ride, I have elected to use Continental GT 4000s which are supposed to be "nuclear" tires, never flat (I hope) and really good rolling resistance numbers.

    But, I too, will be spending some more time practicing the tire change.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the road conditions. I can't remember the brand name of the tires I was looking at. I just know they were pink! Vredestein maybe? (

    Anne, I know "practice changing tires" is on your list. Good job on doing it a few weeks ago. I will do it this week!