Sunday, August 9, 2009

New bike

I picked up my new bike yesterday! What a lengthy process bike shopping has been! I wonder how many hours I put into it. Yesterday was a 4.5 hour trip, minus about an hour for a lunch break at a nice gluten free restaurant in Davis, Farmers Kitchen Cafe. In case I hadn't mentioned it before, Davis Wheel Works is officially my favorite bike shop in the whole world. I wish I had the energy right now to write about how awesome they are. But just trust me. I walked out of there spending $$$ and feeling incredibly comfortable with it. More so than when I bought my hybrid last year. Honestly the only thing I'm having second thoughts about is the fact that I went with the lower end bike computer. Am now considering whether instead I should have upgraded my heart rate monitor to a version that has a bike computer option, so that all my data could be on one machine. It would be neat to have the climbing information when I'm riding hills... Other than that, I know I've got the bike for me! It's the Cervelo RS. Not exactly the typical bike for a triathlete (it's considered a "plush" road bike), but I love it and it is the best fit for me.

I did a brief test ride yesterday (~30 min) just to make sure everything was setup right. We had a few tweaks to the fit, which we'd dialed in over many visits in the past few months. I'm sure it'll still need some tweaking once I do some longer rides.

This morning I did my first run since I got sick. I ran about 3.75 miles in 41:30, plus did about 5 min walking warmup and cooldown. Felt pretty good. I felt like I could've run another mile or two, but I thought for the first day back it'd be better to leave my body wanting more.


  1. Big decision, good to have it done. Looks great. Enjoy riding it.

  2. Sweet looking bike! Faaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssst. So excited. Now you will want to ride your bike even more. :)

  3. I have a P2SL and love it. I am sure Cervelo will treat you well with your new addition

  4. congrats! you bike people sure put LOTS Of effort into finding the right one, and buying from the right shop -- you're not alone there. :)