Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Biking errands and running non-hills

Monday coach Jamima had me doing a 25 mile easy ride, weights, and abs. I did the abs Sunday night to get them out of the way. They're much easier when it's not at the end of a workout. I really wanted to ride my new bike, but I had errands to get done on Monday, and there was no way I was going to leave my new bike locked up outside various buildings downtown. I had no car, due to complicated circumstances involving my husband moving back home, and once I looked at my to-do list, I realized it would take me 25 miles. It hardly felt like a workout since the 25 miles were just what I needed to ride to get everything done. I rode 13.5 miles to get my allergy shots, I made my way back home with stops to get some blood drawn (food allergy testing), pick up some GF cinnamon rolls, and then back home. I skipped the gym and the weights because I was running out of time and the person who drew my blood told me I wasn't supposed to exert my arm for an hour. I did all this on my old road bike, with my SPD pedals. It feels like a great commuter bike now when I've got my mountain bike shoes on. I'm considering adding a rack for my panniers. In the meantime, I'm doing the backpack thing. I got home just in time to shower before my parents arrived to give me a lift to Chico for my husband's graduation.
Tuesday called for a swim and a 5 mile run with hill repeats, plus I wanted to do those weights. I did the 5 mile run in Chico. Chico is just as flat as Sac so there were no hills to be found. The run was okay but wildfires are making the air pretty smokey and my lungs weren't super happy by the time I finished. I wanted to run in Bidwell Park for one last time, but couldn't bring myself to get up 20 minutes earlier and drive a few miles just to run there. Instead I ran 1.2 mile laps around the block. I am keeping an eye on my HR now. Coach said to keep the run in 60-80% of max, and a few times I saw it creeping up above 80% so I slowed down a little to let it drop.  I got the puppy for the last loop and we had a wonderful run together. She loves walking fast. And I run slowly enough that she can just trot along. Graduation and moving took longer than expected so the swim and the weights didn't happen in the afternoon. Coach Jamima to the rescue. She told me not to make up for it by doing it today. Today's a REST DAY!
Tomorrow I've got a 25-30 mile bike ride. I'm very excited to use my new bike!


  1. one of my favorite parts of living in the netherlands was riding my bike to GET places... as transportation, I mean. As obsessed as I am with public transport, we actually used it pretty rarely there -- just took our bikes everywhere. I biked so much farther than I ever thought I could in those six months, and it was SO MUCH NICER than dealing with a car (and gas and parking and whatever) like we do here. this post just reminded me of that. glad you had a successful few days, hope you can get those weights/swim in soon!

  2. Erin, Have you tried using your bike for errands where you live? I'm sure it's tough when you've got one toddler and another baby on the way. But maybe someday!

  3. kendra - it's hard here, with Nathan. I can get to groceries (assuming I don't need to many) on FOOT, and I do that when I can. But on the bike isn't really doable with a kid in tow. And if I've made the effort to find someone ELSE to take care of him while I shop, it's usually because it's a BIG trip -- which means I need the trunk of the car anyway! :)

    Mark has been contemplating a route to ride his bike to work, though, at least in the summer months when it's light out. It's less than 12 miles each way (maybe even less than 10) so he shouldn't get TOO sweaty!