Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Rest Day

Once again, it's a Monday rest day. *ahhh* I got to a great start on resting yesterday. First I hung out with my friend Jennifer who is training for her first marathon. After running her 20 miler she went over to my place to rest and avoid the chaos of moving that was taking place at her new house. After I finished my brick workout and joined her on the couch, I definitely appreciated having a house guest who could relate to me eating without fixing her anything other than handing her a bag of non-gluten free bagels that I didn't want in my freezer anymore. After a long workout, it's nice when I can just sit and not have to worry about entertaining someone. I even took her statement of "don't clean up for me" at face value. I think we're both looking forward to sleeping in on the weekends in just a few more months. I slept for over 9 hours last night and am hoping to continue that trend tonight. After work I'll be continuing my rest day by enjoying a massage, which should hopefully loosen up the IT band too. Other than walking the dog and stretching, today I'll be resting my body as much as I can.
Totals from last week (Mon-Sun):
Swim: 2.557 miles (4500yds); 88 minutes
Bike: 146 miles; 602 minutes
Run: 16.5 miles; 186 minutes
Walk (when ITB started hurting during a run): 1.5 miles; 25 minutes
Weights: 35 min
Abs: 19 min
Stretching, dog walking, transitions, icing: Dunno, but it sure seems to take up a lot of my non-exercise time
Total: 955 minutes (15 hours, 55 minutes)
This coming week's schedule looks pretty doable from a time management perspective. Especially since I'll be taking Wednesday off from work to visit with Dave who will be enjoying his "weekend" home. Since I'll have the day off, I'm doing Thursday's swim on Wednesday, in addition to Wednesday's bike, weights, and abs workouts. Dave has some things to do, too, so it's not like I'll be totally neglecting him...

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