Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

Friday, I took Sierra for a bike ride. I lured her into the bike trailer with some chicken and rode to the dog park. It's only about 2 miles away so I put my hybrid into a high (hard) gear and rode as fast as I could. I switched to my running shoes at the dog park and ran around with the dog for about 30 minutes, then we took the scenic route home on the bike. She weighs almost 45 pounds so it's definitely a workout pulling her around on my hybrid. Sierra and I were up late the night (various puppy problems) before so my plan for a long bike ride didn't work out since I slept in so late. I wasn't about to start a 3 hour bike ride at 10am! But I did ride with the dog for about 45 minutes and then rode my trainer for about 30 minutes once we got home. Not exactly the same but I did what I could.

Saturday morning Dave, Sierra, and I drove to South Lake Tahoe to spend the weekend with my former roommate and her husband. The elevation knocked the breath out of me. Going from 10 ft above sea level to 6,000 ft is definitely noticable. I was winded walking upstairs, but I was convinced to go on a hike because it would apparently help me acclimate more quickly. I think it worked. We hiked for a little more than an hour with the dogs. (see photo below) They loved it. Sierra got tons of exercise wrestling, and we got to see her scary face that made me laugh so hard it counted as my ab workout. (Think Monty Python's killer rabbit but in the shape of a dog.)

There's a 5 mile off-street paved bike/pedestrian path in South Lake Tahoe that starts very close to where we were staying, so it was easy for me to find a good place to do my long run on Sunday morning. I ran along that path, ran through the Lake Tahoe visitor center's rainbow walk (with an underwater viewing window), through the Tallac historic center, doubled back along the path a little to pick up some extra miles, and headed back to the cabin. It was a fairly flat run but it was pretty chilly. The combination of the cold air (according to NOAA it was 42 when I started) and the elevation made me a bit slower than usual for the first few miles. I felt like I was running at a 10:30-11:00 min pace, but it was actually 12:11 and 12:24. I picked up the pace after that though and my average pace over the 13.04 mile run was 11:35. I spent a lot of my run sending good vibes to my online training buddy, Laurie, who was in the run portion of Ironman Germany at the time. She finished in 13 hours and 56 minutes and was 2nd place in her age group (only American to podium!).

Unfortunately, within about an hour of finishing my run yesterday morning, my left ankle started to hurt. I'm not sure what happened, but I just got home from the urgent care center where they x-rayed it. They didn't see any stress fractures, so I've just been instructed to rest, ice, compress, and elevate. I was so happy to see a medical professional who knew what the Ironman was! (She did, however, admit she didn't realize there were ironman races other than Kona.) She said "just swim a bit extra, no running for a few days." I swam yesterday at Lake Tahoe - in my new wetsuit - and so I'm taking today as a rest day (vacation day too).

Swimming at Lake Tahoe was great yesterday afternoon. The water temp was fine with the wetsuit. (The guys swam with just trunks on!) I love the flexibility of the new wetsuit. I need to read a bit more about fit to make sure it fits me well. I wasn't sure how much water intake is acceptable. The neckline is super flexible and comfortable; I'm just mildly concerned it's too comfortable and that's why I felt a gush of water every so often. Sierra has never been a big fan of water. (She tolerates bath time, though she always tries to escape once and has a "I don't know why I put up with you" look the whole time.) But at the dog beach where we swam, she ran after me into the water and just kept swimming to me. So sweet of her to be concerned about me. It was awesome to watch her swim! (It was less awesome watching Dave chase her half a mile down the beach later when she realized how many other dogs and people she could meet.) Sierra had a triathlon weekend with her first swim, our bike to the dog park, and her running on the hike. Now I just need to find a dog-human triathlon for us to do together.

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  1. only you ironman-types would be concerned that your gear is "too comfortable." what are we going to do with you?

    Lake Tahoe sounds fabulous. :)