Monday, July 20, 2009

Vineman - quick scoop

I survived and PRed! I'll write more later but here's the quick scoop.

unofficial splits
swim (1.2 miles): 40:30.8
T1: 7:18.7 (i changed into bike shorts and had to bag all my swim gear up.)
bike (56 miles): 3:15:04.6 (avg 17.3mph by bike computer, bike comp time 3:13.55)
T2: 7:08.0 (changed into running shorts)
run (13.1 miles): 2:39:09.1 (12:14 min miles, incl quite a bit of walking because the sun was SOOO hot)

Overall: 6:49:23.6 to travel 70.3 miles with some goggles, a bike, and running shoes.

I was really shocked to beat 7!  Woohoo!!

And the limiting factor was really the sun on the run. No shade for a lot of it. It was really the only time I questioned my decision to do the race. Not sure I'll do this course again because of it. But the bike was awesome (I kept wondering if I was going to blow up on the run because of how fast I was riding, but it was fine!), and the swim was okay. Most importantly, no serious aches and pains other than a minor lower back cramp in the first mile or two on the run, but it eased up with some extra walking early on.


  1. Fantastic! Well done. So glad the aches and pains were, and are I hope, minimal.

  2. Good job! Way to rock it out.

  3. what does PR'ed mean?

    congrats on beating your goal time, even in the blazing sun!!

  4. PR = Personal record. Same as PB (personal best). No clue why some people use PR and others use PB. :)

  5. haha, in my uss days we used "GT" - goal time. We wrote a G and a T on our goggles - one letter per eye, so we would see it as we worked out. :)

    Then if we got it we just called it a best time.