Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swim yesterday, run today

I just realized I could update my blog by just posting what I sent to my coach as an update! Two for one.
Yesterday morning I swam 2000 yds. I can't remember the exact time, but it was about 5 min per 250, fairly consistently, so probably 40 minutes. I didn't take a break after each 250, I just looked at my watch and sometimes get a sip of water.
Then I biked to work from the gym, a little over 3 miles. It's probably the slowest part of my commute because I hit all the lights downtown. It took about 15 min.
After work I rode to the bike shop (~1 mile) and got the Endurolytes. I just got the capsules because Hammer's website says that the taste of the powder will limit a person to about 2 servings per bottle, so I figured I might as well just stick to capsules if they admit the powder tastes weird. I then rode over to Fleet Feet (~1-2 miles) and got some more Gu with caffeine and some CarbBoom gels that I like that don't have caffeine. I'm thinking about mixing the two on Saturday. (They are both maltodextrin.) I bought some more Heed powder, too, since I was out. I bought so much stuff someone said it looked like a display at the checkout! From Fleet Feet I rode back to the gym, just about 4-5 miles.
This morning I did my 8 mile run by running to work, and adding an extra mile on the bike path. Took 95 minutes, HR max 169, avg 153, distance 8.1, avg speed 11:43, max 9:24. I can upload the details to Polar when I get home. I tried to stick to walking 1 minute per mile, though once or twice I accidentally ran an extra minute or two.
I love the post-run-to-work feeling! I even arrived at work early enough to stretch for a good 5 minutes before showering. I'll try to remember to stretch at lunch, too. I'm getting a ride home with a coworker tonight, and the bus is the backup plan.
Tomorrow will be a short bike ride and then the long drive to Sonoma for Saturday's Aquabike!


  1. aquabike? sounds like that would be intriguing for mom. details please. :)

  2. Oh she knows all about it! They're also called Velo-bike! They're appearing all over out here now. Basically triathlon organizers are letting people register to just do the swim+bike portions of the triathlons happening on the same day. So Saturday, I'm doing the full Vineman Aquabike, which is 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike. Then I will think about what it'd be like to run a marathon, and still be running hours later when I am going to sleep. There's also a half aquabike option the same day (and a half IM distance tri for women only - with no time limit).

  3. you know, I think we saw one of those Aquavelo events near the chesapeake that we toyed around with doing. Fun stuff!!