Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Short post!

Time for a short post after all those long race report posts!

Last week I biked to and from work twice. That was it!  Saturday we had planned to do a 5k, but I backed out when I found out it started and finished in a cemetery. Instead, Dave and I decided to run on our own. All day I hung around the apartment in my running clothes. Finally at almost 5:30pm we went for it. Mostly because otherwise I was rapidly running out of calories for dinner. It was so hot. We almost melted. Who runs at the hottest time of the day? Silly people. Thank goodness for watermelon.

Sunday I tested my smaller size wetsuit. Worked well! I swam at Lake Natoma for about 30-40 minutes, figuring I swam about a mile. Then I biked 25 miles of hills. I rode the hilliest part of the bike path, then I turned around and did it again. Then it was almost 1pm, so sticking with the weekend's theme of being stupid, I ran a mile. A mini-tri. Good fun! My head was hot the rest of the day. Mmmm more watermelon!

Yesterday I did the bike commute thing. Today I ran, about 5 miles. Shoe pod is acting up again. Shoe pod says I ran 4.9, but by the mile markers on the bike path it was over 5, more like 5.5. I don't know if it's better to round up or down in this case. Which is the safer option? Then I biked from the park to work, and back home after work. 3 miles hardly counts as a workout, except I did hit 25.5 mph on I street. Nothing like cars gearing up to get on the freeway to help push me to go faster and get out of the way!

Biggest news of the week: I now have a coach! I'm very excited about this and could write a bit more but will have to save it for another day as I have to stretch and sleep!

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  1. a coach! congrats! can't wait to hear more about it!