Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Riding on bikes with squirrels, Sponsor search

I had a great ride this morning. I snoozed a little extra when the alarm went off so I didn't get the 1 hour+ ride I'd hoped for, but it was pretty close (55 min). I dropped Sierra off at daycare so alleviate any guilt I'd normally feel from working out for more than 30 minutes. There's access to the river bike trail quite close to the daycare, so I hopped on the trail there. The weather was perfect, which means it'll be HOT this afternoon, but I probably won't ride much in the afternoon other than the mile or two to the car and Sierra. (It's just way too hot in the afternoon to even consider riding my bike from home to the day care with Sierra in her doggie trailer. I think she would melt.)
The new fit on my bike works well, I think. I felt faster than usual with it. The handlebars are a little lower, so it's a more aggressive position. My neck gets tired in the aero position. The bike shop guy, Joe, said riding in aero is like swimming open water. You're mostly looking down, but every few strokes you look up to make sure you're on course. This morning I practiced riding with my head more downward and just looking up every so often. Every so often as in every 10 seconds or so. The danger, of course, is other cyclists, and cars if you're on the road. The danger on the bike path is mostly squirrels. They all have a death wish. I actually almost killed one test riding in Davis (Did I mention how awesome it was to test ride in Davis on a weekend in the summer? Riding around UC Davis is the best place to test a bike. Tons of bike paths with no cars allowed, and nobody was there! I even rode the "hills" in an empty parking garage.) The squirrel in Davis actually darted out, went between the wheels, but somehow it lived. (I think.) I've tried yelling at them, asking them politely to stay off the trail, etc, etc, but it seems the best thing to do is grab onto the hoods and slow down a little and hope it's having a nice day and wants to live to see another. 
Almost every time I ride in the morning, I have to turn around and go to work before I'm ready. The whole working for a living can sure cut into training. I suppose I could just get up earlier, but that cuts into sleep. No, I can't really go to bed earlier, because getting home at 7pm means getting to bed by 9 at the earliest. That's my goal each day. I almost hit it yesterday. 9 hours of sleep is ideal. So since I can't cut my sleep hours, and I want to expand my training hours, maybe I should start looking for a sponsor so I can cut those pesky work hours.
1. Provide me with a base salary of $50k.
2. Pay for all race entries and transportation to/from races. ("all race entries" = any race, anywhere, that I want to do) Oh, I better include food, housing, and, of course, transportation for my cheerleaders and puppy.
3. Buy me a new bike, or three, maybe four. Probably not more than five. Will settle for one if it's a deal breaker.
4. Not expect anything in return (i.e. no wins). Except that I will wear clothes or ride a bike with sponsor's advertising. I'll even add a link to sponsor's website to my blog.
Let me know if you get any good leads for me.
Stats from this morning's ride:
Bike computer: 15.67 miles, in 55:33, max 23.7mph, avg 16.9mph. HRM - mostly in zone 3 (i need to check those zones...) I did a few intervals on the way back and they got me into Z4.

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  1. Good job dodging squirrels.

    I'll take a sponsor too. :)