Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Race prep

I'm not sure how ready I feel for Sunday's race, but it's coming soon whether I like it or not! I like to follow other triathlete's blogs. One guy training for IMFL makes me laugh all the time because he barely trains at all. Apparently two years ago, when training for IMAZ, he swam once. So far he's swam twice, so he's feeling good. One of the guys in the tri club just sent out an email to our list saying he's going to do his annual "swim once before I race" tonight. I'm pretty sure he's doing the half iron on sunday, too. I also seem to recall riding with him once and hearing that he's super speedy in the water even without ever training. I'm not quite like that. (I bet my husband would be though, should he ever try a tri.)
Lots of shopping and packing to do before the race. Need to find my arm warmers, or buy new ones. Must buy some more Hammer Heed, or decide to use the race's Gatorade Endurance formula - something new to me. Will probably go check ingredients for the Gatorade and if it's got high fructose corn syrup in it, I'll stick to my Heed, even though it'll mean losing a few minutes to stop and mix it. Or maybe I should have a super tank for my bike for extra liquids... I also need to sit down and figure out my nutrition plan. When and what I'll be eating/drinking, and then make sure I have everything I need. I'll probably stick to my usual running plan of eating a Gu Chomps w/ caffeine once or twice per mile with some water. The swim will have no food or drink (well, some drink but not intentionally). That leaves the bike, which is the most important part for nutrition. Probably drink a bottle per hour, water and Heed (or Gatorade Endurance?). Definitely need to intake some sodium. Am thinking of adding salt to my drink, but I've never done that before either. I can bring GF pretzels, but they are bulky. I've ramped up my sodium intake for the next few days (i.e. putting a few grains of salt on my food).
Just a few more workouts this week. I'm taking it easy even though I hadn't planned to taper before this race. I get nervous when I realize how soon IMFL is coming up, but then I think about how quickly I ramped up my cycling mileage in May, and I think about all the people who never run more than 15 miles before an IM, and it makes me feel better. So I feel like I can afford to take it easy before this race and see how well I can do feeling rested, if not trained.
I got 9 hours of sleep last night, in lieu of getting up in time to do a 30 min swim. I think it was definitely worth it. I actually woke up before my alarm went off for a change. I realized I had time to run a bit with Sierra before work, so we did a 1.6 mile run. (After 2 days of all day play with other dogs, and this morning's run, I think she's going to be comatose for awhile.) I would like to do a short brick workout before Sunday since I just realized I haven't done one for a few weeks. OOPS!!! I think I'll bike to work tomorrow, then run a mile or two once I get downtown. Friday I'll swim - hopefully in the medium wetsuit to test it out. Saturday, I'll probably just rest, or bike a few miles.
Sunday's race should be trackable online. Meaning, you can track my progress live. I'm looking for the info and will post it when I find it. I'm planning on finishing within 8 hours. I should be sub-45 min for the swim, 5-10 min to get my wetsuit off, bag my swim stuff up (it's a two transition race, so the race organizers transport our swim gear to the finish) and get on the bike. (Basically an hour altogether so far.) The bike is my biggest unknown. I did lots of riding in May but since then my longest ride was a pretty flat 48 miler a few weeks ago. The race is a hilly(ish) 56 miles. I should be able to maintain 15mph. Add in stopping for bathroom, refill bottles, etc, and that's a 4 hour ride. My half marathon PR is 2:20. I certainly don't expect to run anywhere near that. But 3 hours seems pretty doable. Hopefully my back won't cramp up too badly from the new riding position. Voila, 8 hours. My wave starts at 7:18am.

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