Friday, July 10, 2009

Morning ride, food, gear, logistics

Took my road bike out for a spin for the first time in a week today. I rode on the trainer for a few minutes to make sure riding with the clipless shoes didn't bother my ankle. (I rode with my running shoes on my hybrid yesterday.) It was fine, so I headed out, planning to ride to the park, ride about an hour, then continue on to work. Before I was even out of the apartment complex I realized I was going to be too cold with just the short sleeve jersey so I went back home to get my arm warmers. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find two hot pink sleeves! I probably spent 15 minutes looking for them before deciding a long sleeve running top would do the trick. I'm really glad I went back for the extra layer because I never got too warm. It was a windy morning.
Ride stats:
distance: 20.00 miles (unplanned, so pretty neat it was on the dot)
time: 1:16.18
max 24.4 mph
avg 15.7 mph
It was windy enough that within the first block, that I knew when it comes time to ride home from work in the afternoon, I'll be hating myself for riding the whole way to work. ("whole way" sounds like I think it's really far to ride my bike 7.5 miles to work. I don't. It's just easier to use that phrase to distinguish it from days like yesterday when I only rode half way.)
I think my ankle is definitely improving. It doesn't hurt to walk anymore. I'm ready to give jogging a try tomorrow morning. Sunday morning will be more cycling. Maybe a trip to the bike shop too. For more test rides...
Food...  mmm food. I love food. One thing I've noticed with all this training is that my tastes have changed. I find myself putting salt on my food for the first time in my life! And butter (well, Earth Balance) sometimes, too! (My brothers will be so proud.) I'm not sure if I'm a salty sweater, but I've noticed after a long bike ride (you know, the ones where you leave the house at 8am and get home around 3pm), I definitely love a good salty meal. So maybe I need to work on intaking more sodium throughout my workouts. Vineman 70.3 is just around the corner and I am starting to stress because I don't have a nutrition plan for the race yet. It's a good practice race so I should be practicing everything, especially what and when I eat. Also I need to find my hot pink arm warmers for the race! I think Sunday will be dedicated to the bike shopping and the race-prep. I should probably pack for the race too, so I can figure out what else I need to find.
Gear... Oh there's always more gear to buy! I just bought new RX goggles because I lost my last pair at the lake swim race last month. I just got the new wetsuit, but I'm still trying to decide if I need a different size. Of course there is the new bike to consider. And do I want new sunglasses that have more coverage than my current RX sunglasses? Sure! But my RX is so strong that the curved sunglasses won't work for me, so I need the ones that have double lenses... a clear lense close to the eye that clips to the sunglasses. Seems kind of annoying, though I haven't tried any on. So if I don't want those, then it's back to contacts which I haven't worn for a few years. If I wear contacts then I need to find new un-RX goggles that I like. I'm buying so much stuff that I feel like I'm new to the sport! Who has time to shop and train?
Logistics - Really the question is who has time to shop, train AND figure out logistics for the IM. I booked a second condo for FL this week. I can't decide between them. Another person from Sac who's doing the IM mentioned the second place to me. It's cheaper, seems nicer, but is 4 miles from the race start/finish/transition. Hopefully Dave can come to the race to cheer me on and he can buy a cheapo bike and use it for the week and on race day can ride the run course back and forth cheering me on. Flying to Panama City is not the easiest thing to do from the west coast. So do I fly to Tallahassee? Pensacola (and see the town from Flight of the Navigator firsthand?!?)? Both are over an hour away driving. Or do I go with Southwest Airlines and fly somewhere that's 6 hours away so I can have a cheaper/free airfare? (and add a few more states to my collection). But do I want to drive 6 hours THEN fly across the country just a few days after my ironman? not really. Scouting airfares also means paying attention to how much the airlines charge to bring a bike. Wow they are ridiculous. Delta has the best fares to Tallahassee but charges $175 each way for a bike. ???? I decided yesterday to just use the tri bike transport company that handles bicycle transportation logistics for the ironman events. I'll just have to take my bike to a bike shop in Davis about 10 days before the race, then they put my bike on a truck and drive it to FL (a truck so it doesn't have to be taken apart and put in a bike box and put back together, etc). My bike magically appears at the race expo a few days before the race. Then after the race I can just hand it back to them, if I finished by 10pm, otherwise I have to get up before noon the next day to hand it to them. That's housing and transportation now. What about food? On the gluten-free diet so basically should probably bring as much GF food as I'm going to want or need. So that's another suitcase... I suppose I need to pay attention to which airlines charge more for extra bags too... Or maybe this is another excellent reason Dave must come with me. So he can live out of a small carry-on all week while I check 4 bags for myself?
Perhaps all this stress is why yoga is good for triathletes...

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  1. this whole post made me think of my mom. I think the logistics (the bike box in particular) were just as daunting for her as the ironman itself.

    and no matter how hungry she gets, she NEVER eats salt, and might gag just reading this!!