Saturday, July 18, 2009

I feel unready!

I feel terribly unready for tomorrow's race. I have aches and pains all over. My SI joint has been bugging me since Thursday, which makes me wonder if the new bike setup is going to cause serious problems tomorrow. I'm toying with raising the handlebars and lowering the seat, but I wouldn't be able to do a real test ride before the race, so that concerns me. A toe on my left foot has been hurting all week. Basically as soon as my left ankle stopped hurting, the toe started. It's ignorable for the most part. My right foot is also hurting. I'm also guessing my neck is going to get stiff on the ride. Also my alarm clock probably needs to go off before 5am tomorrow, and that sounds pretty early right now. All in all, I feel like my body is not ready for this!

I'm planning on ditching the wetsuit for the swim. I may be cold but I think it'll be okay. Mostly not going to use it because I think I need a different size, and they couldn't get me the smaller size in time for the race. I'm really hesitant to try to return a wetsuit after I race in it, since it's a 2 transition race, all my swim gear is going to end up in a giant plastic bag all day, in the heat. Not great for a wetsuit to get resold as new. Water temp is high 70s right now, 78 is the cutoff for allowing wetsuits anyways. But the nights are getting cooler (fog) and the water temp is expected to drop. I'm hoping it's not sub-75. The water is very shallow so the temp fluctuates easily. Any time I'd gain with the wetsuit would probably be lost in T1 since I'm not practiced in the art of removing a wetsuit. I do hate being cold, so I'm not thrilled with this whole situation, but it is what it is. Oh and my new goggles seemed terribly tight last time I swam. I adjusted them but I still don't think they're perfect. So I'm expecting sore eye sockets today too.

I think I've complained enough to have at least a few readers wondering why I think triathlons are fun. They are, really. It's all worth it. It's just easier to write about how this race seems to have come up on me way too suddenly than it is to write about how much I love participating in a sport where for the vast majority of the participants, people are just competing with themselves. (Unfortunately for me, I've got a very competitive competitor in that regard.) People encourage each other and cheer for each other. There's often free booze at the end. (never appealing!)

My directions to the race expo (registration and T2 drop off today), hotel, swim start are printed. I even printed directions home because even though it's pretty simple, I think I may be tired. After the race, we take a shuttle back to the swim start to pick up cars, then have to drive back to T2/finish line to get bikes and swim bags. I'm starting to appreciate single transition races more and more.

Time to try to navigate the Gatorade website to see if I can find the nutritional scoop on Gatorade Endurance and decide if it's got enough sodium. (The website is a perfect example of how to make something look cool, and in turn, make it impossible for anyone to actually find anything.)

Just need to keep telling myself this is a practice race. All these problems occur now so that I know what I need to figure out before November.

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  1. so true about the cool-but-useless websites.

    I say ditch the wetsuit, you'll be fine. looks like the water won't be THAT cold. plus, it will save you time at T1.