Friday, July 31, 2009

Easy rider

I biked an easy 30 minutes (7.14 miles) this AM. The baby bunnies were out in force though, and I kept envisioning having to take my bike to the bike shop with road kill stuck in the drive train asking the bike shop to quickly fix it up so I could get to Sonoma. So that was it!

Finishing packing now. I think I'm one of those athletes who feels compelled to be constantly active before an event. I'm doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom when I should just be putting everything in the car and heading out.

They say they'll have live tracking again, but since it didn't work last time, I wouldn't count on it! But just in case ... click here and from there you can type in my name next to the magnifying class where it says "Name or Bib #" then hit Go. (It gives no indication what race it is for until you enter a name and hit Go.) If you do it now, it just has blanks for my times.