Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brick and race prep

This morning was my first brick workout in who knows how long. I rode to work, 7.5 miles (30 min on the dot), then ran 2 miles. My running was fairly well paced with pretty even splits, each mile was exactly 10:16 min, though each 1/2 was slightly varied. I don't plan on cruising that fast on Sunday. I didn't feel any back cramps creeping up though, which is what sometimes happens in a brick. The ride home in the afternoon was fine too. Also took about 30 min. I'd meant to take it easy because the air quality is poor today (basically any hot day), but Artemis didn't ride her bike today so I didn't have her company to keep me at a relaxed chatting pace.

I'm trying to start packing my stuff for the race. I'd hoped to do it last weekend, but bike shopping really took a chunk out of Sunday. I'm typing up my tri checklist. I couldn't find the one I handwrote back in April, and I figure I might as well make a more permanent list since I seem to do these semi-often.

There will be race coverage online for Vineman. There's a twitter account that will be updated, but I'm not sure what will be there other than how the pros are doing. Athlete tracking is also supposed to be available through IronmanLIVE. If it's not there, check or My race number is 878. I'm expecting good results for two women I know who often place in their age groups in local events: numbers 782 and 515. They might easily beat me to the finish by over 2 hours. My wave starts at 7:18am. When I've followed people online during a race before, I've noticed the results are sometimes a little delayed. I'm really just posting this so when I'm out there suffering, I can pretend all my friends and family are anxiously hitting refresh on their browsers, and so I have to push forward so they can see something new.


  1. I'll be hitting refresh, just not starting at 7:18! GO Kendra!

  2. you mean the vineman twitter acct doesn't post all-kendra-all-the-time? They really should! :)

    good luck, we'll be thinking about you!