Monday, July 13, 2009

Bike shop and masters swim

I spent all day Sunday at the Davis bike shop, and I left only because the bike shop was closed, not because I ran out of energy. Bike shopping is exhausting and usually I leave after a few hours because the bike shops open at 10 or 11 on weekends, and who wants to be out test riding at 2pm? Not me. I like getting my exercise done in the morning! In spite of them not opening at 8am, I love Davis Wheelworks. They are so incredibly helpful. Real cyclists. Not just trying to sell me something, but trying to make sure they help me find my ideal bike. I almost bought the Cervelo RS, but then I asked the guy who was helping me if there are any other bikes he thought I should try. He said it's worth trying the Cervelo S2 again. It's in the line of bikes I first tried a few months ago and thought they didn't fit me right. But we found a good fit on the RS (a few hours of measuring, riding, adjusting, measuring, etc) and the frame geometry is very similar so can probably do the same fit on the S2. I'm too tired to go into details, but I'm heading back next week to ride the S2 and then I'll make a decision. I'm leaning towards the RS right now though. I'm excited that I've narrowed my choice down to two bikes! (For those of you who know about these bikes, yes, I realize they serve different functions and that the S2 is the clear choice for a triathlete. A plush road bike appeals to me almost equally though.) Once I buy one, I should have it in my hands within a few days, a week tops. I expect I'll have a new bike for the Vineman Aquabike on August 1. (Aquabike is the swim + bike portions of an IM distance race in Sonoma.) The Aquabike uses mostly the same swim and bike course as Sunday's 70.3 so I'll be able to compare my ride stats for the same course!

Anytime I start to feel good about my swim I should just head to a masters workout. I'm totally worn out and I didn't even do the whole workout. I swam for about 10-15 min on my own before masters started, swimming about 400-500 (I must get better at counting laps when I'm swimming drills, speed, etc). Then the masters warmup was 1000 with every fourth length in a different stroke/drill. I think I swam about 800 by the time everyone else was finished. I can't remember what the next drill/swim was, but it might have been when I left. There was a 4x100 IM drill but I had to leave to pick up the puppy at day care (so glad to have an excuse!) and the coach suggested for my cooldown I do a 4x100 free with each 100 slower than the previous (not hard to do even without trying!). I swam about a mile or so.

I definitely have that post-swim sleepy feeling right now, and I'm wondering how I ever swam 2 hours at a time when I was a kid on swim team. I guess that was it for my exercise each day though, and it was only 4 or 5 days a week. I'd love to feel that great about swimming again, but I'm still not convinced it's worth more time in the pool (or lake, etc). The swim is roughly 10% of the IM. If I can improve my bike just 1mph over the distance, I'll be a lot better off. I think even if I swam masters 5 days a week, I wouldn't improve enough to make it worth the time/energy sacrifice. I'm going to try to go to one full masters workout per week though. I'm going to say maybe part of my post-swim exhaustion comes from lack of sleep, so heading to bed before 8:30 to make up for that.

Tomorrow morning is a road ride to make sure my newly adjusted bike is comfortable enough. The bike shop adjusted my bike for me similar to the fit we came up with on the Cervelo. Nothing like changing things up a bit a few days before a half ironman. Maybe I'll get my new wetsuit in time for the race, too. I decided to have Xterra send me the medium to see if that one fits me better. 


  1. Remember the summer before 9th grade when you trained with Sunnyslope and XCP? That was more than 2 hours a day. You slept well.

  2. I'm glad the bike shopping saga is nearing an end. :)

    I agree with you on the swimming... you are a good enough swimmer that as long as you retain a reasonable feel for your stroke, it makes more sense to spend time on biking/running.