Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back on track

Feeling particularly lazy last night, I decided to ride my bike to the mailbox instead of walking the 75 meters or so. Once I got on the bike it was so nice to be riding in the early evening that I just rode around the parking lot at my apartment complex for a little while. Probably didn't even ride a mile, it was just nice and gentle and it didn't hurt my ankle. It was the only exercise I'd gotten since my Sunday swim at Tahoe because I skipped the potential swim after work yesterday when I realized masters would be swimming and I'd be stuck in the lone available lane with any kiddies that would be splashing around (plus my afternoon exhaustion had set in).

This morning I'm feeling back on track though. Got up with the 6am alarm and was at the gym lifting weights a little over an hour later. I did upper body weights for about 30 minutes, then hit the pool. I swam pretty slowly as I was trying not to kick or push off the walls. I didn't even bother counting my laps but I think I swam about half a mile. I have a deep paranoia about getting electrocuted in a pool, so when I noticed one of the pool lights was not in it's correct position, I swam back to my water bottle and jumped out. The light was on the pool deck, with the thick wires running back into the socket in the pool. I'm sure it was fine and since this is an outdoor pool, it wasn't on. But I only had another few minutes to swim anyways. So about 18 minutes of swimming, then I biked to work from the gym at a leisurely pace, trying to be careful not to pedal up any hills too hard. My arms are a little shaky here and there. Love that post-weights feeling. I think I'm going to try to figure out a way to do weights every weekday, just alternating upper and lower body. Probably not best to start an intense weight-lifting regime the week before Vineman 70.3 though!

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