Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ankle getting better

My ride home yesterday went fine.  7.54 miles, 27:58, max 25.1mph, avg 16.2mph. Pretty sure I hit the max on the streets downtown, but it might have been going down a hill. Will try to pay better attention next time. Would love to now how high I can push it when I've got a car behind me trying to get on the freeway. Riding my road bike to/from work is so much faster than on my hybrid. It's really hard to complain about a sub-30 min commute on the road bike. Not many excuses to avoid it.

This morning I tested my ankle by jogging for the first time since Sunday's long run. It went well. Did a lap around the block (~1.25 miles) with Dave and the dog nice and easy. Something like a 12 or 13 min mile pace. Then Dave and I did two more laps plus a bit to make it a nice even 4.0 mile run. I'd post the rest of the stats but I can't find my watch! yikes. I hope I didn't leave it at Dave's as I need it for the race next weekend!


  1. leave it at dave's? does he have his own house?

    good job easing back in with the ankle, hope it continues to go well.

    I admire your "average" speed - that's about my top. SO not a cyclist. :)

  2. Yeah, he does, why... do you and your husband live together? :)

    I found my watch!