Monday, June 8, 2009

Swimming drills

Swam about 45 minutes with lots of drills today. I lost track of the laps once I started drills. Since I was making my workout up as I went along, I'm not entirely sure how far I swam. Probably about 1-1.2 miles. I swam a 500 warmup, then a few laps of random drills, like "swimming downhill" where you focus on pushing your upper torso down into the water to bring your hips up -- a balance drill. I also did a few kick only laps with the same focus. Then I worked on speed a little by doing a ladder of swimming 50, then 100, then 150, then 200. I swam at the top on each of those (i.e. when the second hand was at 0, so giving myself 1 minute per 50) and by the 200 I had way too much rest time. In theory I should've then swam a 150, 100, and 50, but I decided to go back to drills. Practiced the shark fin drill which focuses on rotation, did some fingertip drags, practiced pushing my hands in more forcefully since I've been told that I tend to gently place my right hand flat in the water. I also did some breathing drills - both the kind to get used to not breathing as often and the kind to make sure my head placement is proper when I do breathe. I swam a cooldown too. It was fun seeing all the kids at swim team practice, which was starting when I arrived. They set the 50 meter pool up so that there are two 25 yd pools, so the kids didn't get in my way. But it reminded me of when I was a kid swimming all summer long here in Phoenix. 

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