Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sticking to the plan - or not

I'm not very good at following the plans I make. I guess I like to keep things flexible. Yesterday, after I got to work, someone on the tri club sent an email reminding everyone of the Wednesday night group open water swims with yoga at the lake on the other side of town. I got excited realizing I had actually driven to work and had my swimsuit so I could go. But by the end of the day I remembered I drove to take it easy and skip the biking that day. I wanted to make sure I'm completely over whatever bug has been bugging me lately. So I skipped the swim that I hadn't planned on doing but suddenly decided to do. I also didn't bother swimming at the pool on the way home for the same reason. So after running 6.5 miles in the morning, I went to bed feeling guilty about not doing any other workouts that day. Sometimes I think training for a marathon would be so easy compared to this.
This morning I had more plans that I failed to follow. Actually I'd written down on my calendar that I needed to bike an hour, with 6 x 20 second sprint intervals. Then swim and do weights if I hadn't done them the previous two days. I went to bed planning to drive to the park, and do my hour ride from there, then have the mini-bike commute back to the park, and could then hop in the pool at the gym if I so desired. Once I woke up I came up with the idea of just riding my bike the whole way to/from work, and bringing a lock to lock at the gym. Then I started thinking I should do weights and swim in the morning and do an hour ride after work, since it'd just involve adding 20-30 minutes to my normal ride home. Blah, blah, blah. I went back and forth so much trying to figure out my plans: which sport first, ride the whole way or halfway, which bike, which clothes if I'm doing a swim-bike combo? Having a plan and sticking to it can save so much hassle!
I ended up leaving the house 40 minutes after my planned departure, on my hybrid bike, with my lock and swim suit in one pannier. I did my hour bike ride on the way to work. But I decided 20 second intervals of speed were too short, so did 30 seconds. And I did 7 intervals instead of 6. Then I did two hill repeats in the park, just to see if the hill was long enough to be worthy of hill repeat workouts in the future. Not sure I can confidently say it is. I got downtown a few minutes early (i.e. I'd only been riding 55 minutes) so I rode around a few extra blocks to get my hour in. I event spent a few minutes stretching since I got to work early. I think I had all this extra time because 1) my planned departure time was 30 minutes off, and 2) riding my bike the whole way means my exercise starts the minute I walk out the door, not 20 minutes later after sitting in traffic. If only my commute was slightly more pleasant. I'm thinking the afternoon commute will be nicely broken up by a stop at the gym to hit the pool. Every time I ride past the gym (it's on my commute route by bike), I think about how I could stop by on the way to or from work and do some extra exercise. Today I will finally do it! It might just be a short swim, but it'll be something so that a detour to the gym won't be so strange or seem like a hassle when I'm on my bike.


  1. I wait in anticipation to see if the after work, mid-commute workout materialized. :)