Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sliding downhill

I'm having one of those weeks where I feel like all the training I've done is just slipping away! Work is really busy and I've got the puppy. I think when Sierra and I are together, she gets more exercise than she would otherwise, but I certainly get less. This morning called for a run, so we went to the dog park so I could run in circles until I got up to 1.5-2 miles, then we'd run together (me on the path and her on the grass) outside of the dog park for another mile or so. Mean dog in the dog park --> we left immediately and just ran 1.5 miles together outside of the dog park (her max). Tomorrow Sierra is going to doggie day care for the first time since I may be at work for 24 hours (yuck).

My eating is certainly securing my spot in the Athena division for another month. It's pretty much impossible for me to eat well and work long, intense hours. The only thing I've got going for me is that there are no gluten free cookies within walking distance of my office.

I'm still plenty sore from my weight lifting on Sunday. Enough blogging, time to plan tomorrow (hopefully a bike ride or a run before work?) and get to sleep. Even though I was in bed for 8.5 hours last night, I woke up feeling like a zombie, so I think the sleeping didn't quite work for me. Better luck tonight I hope.


  1. sorry you're having a rough week! if you want to get motivated, find MICHAEL ANDERS (the one on MY friend list, I'm sure there are bajillions) and read his hilarious updates about what he and mom are doing in germany. they did a ride this morning (across cobblestone!!) that whipped MA's butt, and mom apparently found "amusing but doable." anyway just thought that seeing someone go through the prep-week before an ironman might be motivating for you. :)

  2. It's either motivating or terrifying. :) I actually just had it pulled up in another window when I decided to pop over to my blog to see how many days are left til my own IM. I'm so excited for your mom on Sunday. I hope it goes well!