Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shoepod and low sodium = annoying

Monday afternoon's ride home was nice. I wasn't thrilled about having to ride home, so made plans to hook up with a coworker who was also riding home the same general direction and we rode together for the first few miles. She found a new way to the park, which let us avoid the super slow street with lots of lights and the super fast street with lots of cars. It's always fun to feel like you're exploring on the bike. Once I got home, I did the brick as planned. It was fairly windy so I wasn't happy about having to go run outside, but 1) I'd posted on my blog that I was doing to do it, and 2) it might be windy at Florida, so I went for it. The run made me decide that my shoe pod is definitely not working properly. The watch I wear receives the data from the shoe pod, but on numerous occasions, I'd glance at the watch to see my pace and it would say "00:00". Not cool. [Oops, after revisiting my training log I realized I'd misread my handwriting. Originally I wrote: "But overall the data at the end seemed about right; it said I ran 2.37 miles in 22 minutes." Not right. I ran for 30 minutes, so 2.37 miles is probably a bit underestimated.] About 2 hours of exercise total on Monday. One strange thing about exercising both in the morning and the afternoon is that I don't have any large block of time to just sit around, or watch a movie, or make dinner. Basically I wake up, have breakfast, exercise, go to work, exercise, eat dinner, spend about an hour doing whatever (make next day's dinner, chat with Dave on skype, stretch) go to bed. It makes every day feel very repetitive actually.

Tuesday's plan called for an hour bike ride. I opted to do it in the morning. It was going fine until I hit the halfway mark and turned around. Then I started feeling sick. As far from my car and work as possible. I had no choice but to keep riding. I kept getting slower and felt really out of it. A bit light headed, and my heart rate was really low (110 during a workout?). I tried to make myself ride faster just so it would all be over sooner. I stopped for a snack about 10 minutes away from my office, thinking maybe I really desperately needed sodium or sugar. I was so happy to finally get to work that day! I felt a bit better after some popcorn, so I think it was a low sodium thing. Probably was also dehydrated. So have been drinking lots of fluids ever since. I skipped the swim and weights in the afternoon, figuring I should just go home. I made soup with salt and lots of water for dinner and went to bed by 9 for another night of 9 hours of sleep. I felt so much better after I woke up!

This morning I did my long run. But since this week is a recovery week, it was only 6 miles. (It's so nice to have my short long run be 6 miles when this time last year my long run was 4 miles.) It was breezy and refreshingly brisk this morning. I think today was the first time I wore my capri running pants since early April. I had more problems with the shoe pod today, noticing a lot of "00:00" listed as my pace. I kept fidgeting with it, trying to make it more secure on the laces. Maybe it's a battery issue. I just changed the battery but perhaps it wasn't a brand new battery that my dad gave me. (dad?) Needless to say, it was really annoying to be out on a run, feeling good about the run, thinking "hey, this is a good pace" and then looking to see what the pace was and seeing 00:00 minute miles (or 21:00 one time!). Other time it'd say 9:50 or 10:00, which I think was probably about what I ran the whole time. My watch says I ran 5.40 miles with an average pace of 13:29 this morning, but given the calorie burn it lists (655) and my time (1:12:53), and how it felt, I was pretty sure it was closer to 6 miles. I mapped it on Google Earth and it says 6.5 miles, so I'm sticking to 6+. I'm going to replace the shoe pod battery tonight if I remember. Hopefully that will solve the problem! It would be so annoying to be running in the ironman and have no idea what pace I was running.

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