Thursday, June 25, 2009

Run to work day

I survived my run to work! I added a few miles in the park at the halfway point but still ended up running in circles once I got downtown to meet my 12 mile requirement for the day. It was a great run. Really fun. If I could, I'd run to work more often, even just the 7.5 miles would be fun. But in keeping to the 10% max increase in mileage per week rule, I don't think I can swing it and still increase my long runs enough to get up to 20 miles by October. I feel so productive having done my long run as a commute.


  1. you must be a beautiful sweat-er. I think my colleagues would be less than thrilled if I showed up for work after running twelve miles.

    also, I would be useless at that point, so it would never happen.

  2. We have showers! A coworker did note that I was a bit red in the face when I walked in the door.