Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nightmares and long run

Last night I had an ironman nightmare. It was the big day and I had forgotten to do lots of preparation for race day. For example, I'd forgotten to put my glasses in my T2 bag, which meant I was going to be running in my sunglasses in the dark. I hadn't even realized this was a potential problem until I had this dream. I'll need an extra pair of glasses if I decide to go the glasses route instead of contacts, since the T1 and T2 bags all get dropped off a day or two before the race. I don't remember much else about the dream but I felt totally unprepared for the race.

I did my long run this morning, running 12 miles in the neighborhood. I did my standard 4 mile loop three times. My pace was 11:19 so it took 2 hours and 15 minutes. I didn't keep a consistent pace throughout, as I ran a bit faster in the middle lap. I followed the run 8 minutes, walk 1 minute like I did last week. My legs got a bit tired by the end. Definitely need to stretch tonight.


  1. Good to know that your brain is freaking out even while you sleep. :p

  2. just hang onto your prescription goggles in case of the forgotten glasses thing. you can run in those.

    wouldn't THAT be a sight. :)