Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bike-swim-bike to work

Today I biked to work on my hybrid with a stop at the gym for a swim along the way. Basically biking 18.5 minutes, swimming 32 minutes, biking 18.5 minutes. I did the whole routine in my tri top and tri shorts so I wouldn't have to change my clothes at all. Luckily there was a bike locker available at the gym so I didn't have to waste time removing all the goods and panniers from my bike, but it still took me longer than I'd like. I suppose I'd save a few minutes if I brought my own lock, so I wouldn't have to go inside to get/return the key to the bike locker. That would mean a few extra minutes of swimming or biking. I swam 1600 yards, wanted to do 1750 for the mile marker but I just didn't have time.

I had to stay late at work tonight so I used a emergency ride home free taxi ride voucher for my return commute. You ask, how is she getting to work tomorrow with her bike in my bike locker downtown? I'm running to work tomorrow! It's a 7.5 mile trip but I'm planning to add some extra miles to make it my long run of the week. Goal is 12 miles. Then I'll bike back home.

Less than 20 weeks to go before Florida. Last Friday night I was trying to imagine how I would be feeling 20 weeks from then. Friday before the race. (IMFL is on a Saturday, the only IM on a Saturday.) Just thinking about it makes me nervous. I think the key to the race is remaining calm though. Not letting the crowd of athletes and spectators make me push too hard, staying calm so my stomach is happy to consume the vast amount of calories I will need. One of the tri club coaches did not finish her ironman race last weekend due to stomach problems during the race. So many people end up having GI problems. Running can often upset a stomach; I've heard it's due to all the josteling around. Seems silly, but maybe it's true. Speaking of which, I need to get to sleep so I can wake up early enough to eat something before my run to work. I'm giving myself over 2.5 hours to get there and shower.

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