Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beautiful mornings

We've had some absolutely gorgeous mornings this week. It's been in the low 60s, which surprises me because I would've thought I'd freeze in the 60s, but it's perfect for biking or running. Yesterday I did my bike commute on my hybrid so I could bring my food for the week in the panniers. The hybrid has wider tires, more surface area, and is a heavier bike, so I think it's more of a workout mile to mile compared to my road bike. I biked pretty easy since I was concerned about my hip flexor/upper thigh. The few hills I have (freeway overpass, bridge, etc) I just spun up in super low gears. I rode for an hour Monday morning before work. My hybrid is lacking a bike computer so I have to calculate my mileage by paying attention to the mile markers on the bike path, since I typically do any extra miles on the bike path.

On the bike ride home from work I came up with a new route, using part of the way Artemis and I found last Friday. It's always fun to try new roads, but I was mildly concerned I was going to end up on the freeway by accident. Work kept me in the office late so I skipped the swim I'd planned for the afternoon.

My leg was feeling much better last night so this morning I ran for the first time since last Thursday. Wow, that's a long time, considering I should be running three or four times a week (1 long run, 1-2 aerobic run, 1 transition run). The run was great. I ran super easy, just shy of a 12:30 pace (although that includes the stopping to fix my shoe at some point). It felt really great to be out and running even though it was slow. I felt like I could maintain that pace forever. (Probably the duration that the run leg of an ironman feels like.) But I had to get to work.

I drove to work since I had plans for a long picnic lunch with family who were in town to see the capitol, and I wasn't sure how late I'd have to stay at work to make up for it. I brought my swim stuff hoping I'd get a swim in after work. But I opted for a trip to Trader Joes instead. Almost out of protein powder and TJs is the only place I can find it. Had to take advantage of having the car with me and it being late enough that traffic was a non-issue. I think it's that time of year with work where I really need to decide which workouts are a priority each day and do those in the morning, because when I work late I'm really unlikely to have the energy to do the afternoon workouts. I haven't figured out tomorrow's plan yet, but if I can get the timing right I think I'll bike and swim in the morning. Or maybe I should just move on from missing the swims and stick to the plan I emailed Rose earlier today, which means biking 1.5 hours tomorrow. I suppose today's PM ironman plan involved focusing on nutrition and sleep - 2 of the 5 disciplines in triathlon training!

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