Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back in Sacramento

I haven't done much exercise since my long swim in Phoenix on Wednesday. I'd hoped to get a hike in Thursday morning before leaving to fly back home, but I stayed up too late with the family Wednesday night so Thursday became a rest day, which was plan B.  Unfortunately Friday also became a rest day when I slept 11 hours and woke up not breathing so well. Taking the asthma meds a few hours late plus all that crappy Phx air finally doing it's damage. I had plenty of things to do before driving up to Chico for the weekend to see Dave and the puppy. Oh and on the plus side, I did manage to pencil in two months of workouts into my calendar on the plane so I'm no longer living week to week (or day to day).

Saturday morning Dave and I went for a run. The plan required a 45 minute run with 6 intervals of speed bursts that lasted 30 seconds long, with 60 seconds recovery after each interval. Ten minutes into our run I felt sick to my stomach. Corn thins and lots of water may not be the best thing to eat before a run. Had I been alone, I definitely would've turned around and called it quits. But since Dave was there to carry me home if need be (or at least go get the car..), we continued. This was definitely one of those workouts that only made me stronger, since it didn't kill me. I felt better after about 25 minutes of running and decided to try the intervals. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being an all out sprint, I was supposed to run a 9. I ran the first interval at about a 5 or 6 to test how I'd feel. The rest were pretty much done at an 8 or 9. Somehow in the 45 minutes we only managed to run 3.92 miles. (I think I remember walking for a minute or two in the middle as we decided which path to take on the way back.)  Average pace was 11:29, max was 6:26. It looks like I hit about 6:30 at the end of most of my intervals, though the average paces during the intervals were far slower (7:00 to 10:00). Maybe I take longer to get to max speed than I should? I do recall seeing my current pace at 00:00 more than once, so maybe my shoe pod wasn't attached firmly enough and messed up my stats.

Heading back home soon where I plan to do a short brick workout. Maybe 2 hours total. Just something to get myself back into biking, and to maintain my running mileage for the week.

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