Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been thinking that maybe I'm making my blog too boring. Too much of a training journal and nothing of interest to anyone else? So I thought I'm aim to put more of my real thoughts into it. I think about Ironman all the time. I've read that people who exercise in the morning or bike to work are more productive during the day, but sometimes I'm not sure that's true for me. Sometimes after a great workout in the morning, all I can think about is Ironman training and it's hard to focus on work!

On a more positive note, I realized recently that I haven't had the "what have I gotten myself into?" thought for awhile. (Well, to clarify, I meant I haven't thought that with regard to Ironman. I have had that thought in regard to the bike month contest.)

Today's training was all on the bike. Since I've got the dog I have less time in the morning to exercise, so that meant I had to ride faster. I need to do a time trial soon so that I can do one every few weeks and measure improvement more scientifically. I haven't been working on run speed lately, which is starting to bother me in the back of my mind. My foot has been hurting a tinsy bit. Not sure what it is but I'm hoping to get to the running store (I love Fleet Feet) this weekend so they can give me some advice. Until then I'm just doing some easy runs.

Bike month miles:
Kendra: 395
Rose: 389

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