Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swimming before work and bike testing

Thursday was a run day and I had to get to work an hour earlier than usual, so I did my run after work. Biked to work from the park again, then did an easy 2 mile run on the treadmill. This is an easy week for me so I'm maintaining frequency but reducing time. Probably should've reduced intensity too and skipped the hill/intervals from Tues/Wed. Live and learn!

Friday I swam before work for the first time since we moved here. Swimming at the outdoor pool at the gym is not quite the same as starting my day with the sea turtles at Magen's Bay, but it was still nice. I'd planned to swim a 1500. I did a 1000 yard time trial after a very short warmup. (18:26, give or take a few) Once I hit 1500 I figured I should do 1600 for a real mile, then might as well do 2000, then I was so close to doing 1.2 miles (half iron distance) I did that. I basically only called it quits because I had to get to work! Biked from there to work and had time for a few extra miles once I got downtown, which was great because Rose and I are competing to see who can ride the most miles this month for May is Bike Month. Rumor is she's incredibly competitive about contests like this, so I need to ride whenever I can! Very tricky because we both have to keep up our running too!

This morning I did my Saturday run, but kept it short for the recovery week. Plan was 5 miles, need to map out my run exactly but I think it was 4.5. My stomach started hurting after a mile or so. I didn't leave enough time after breakfast before the run.

Then I headed to Davis to test ride some bikes. I rode the Cervelo S1 again as well as the S3. I rode them each for about an hour and now we know how the setup needs to be adjusted to fit me better. Not sure I could tell the difference between the two frames (S1 is aluminum, S3 is carbon) other than when I first got on the bikes, but that is probably mostly because the S3 saddle was so uncomfortable that I couldn't think about much else! I was so happy to get off that bike. I spent a lot of my return ride on it standing up to avoid sitting on that thing. Yikes.

Tonight was a tri club party but I was pretty tired so we didn't stay long. It is really nice to have a group of triathletes to see on a regular basis and discuss bikes and training with them. And it's always great to see a familar face during a race! Three of us are doing Ironman Florida.

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