Thursday, May 28, 2009

Run day

Great workouts this AM. I ran 4.72 (though that includes .28 mile walking warmup), but even with walking it was a 10:47 pace. (10:18 without.) I think I'm in danger of always running the same pace regardless of workout plan/distance. Must work on my pacing a bit more. It's just so hard to resist running "fast" now that I can. Long runs are supposed to be a bit easier, with some speed work, pick-ups, or strides mixed in. I can't really explain last week's 8.4 miles in a 10:16 pace. I still think I must have measured it wrong, though it was on the bike path with mile markers and I checked it with my bike computer... Shorter runs should have variety in speed too. I incorporated some variable speed into my workout this morning. I must remember to do the faster running at the end instead of at mile 1 or 2.

I'm hoping with all this speedy running that I can PR in a 5k on Saturday in Chico, though I am not tapering/resting at all and I may bike before, depending on when it starts. I can't actually even remember what my 5k PR is. I have 31:51 listed in my mediocre training log. Speaking of which I need to figure out a better way to keep track of my training. I love having the data in a spreadsheet but I don't sit down after each workout to enter it so I end up writing it on scratch paper or my calendar and having to type it all up every few weeks. It's not the most accurate way to keep track of things. But really I'd love to get sub-30 in a 5k soon.

After the run I biked to work (reverse bricks are useful too?). I was worried I'd get cold do to being sweaty already, but it was fine. Definitely summer here. I tend to always ride fast on the AM commute - perhaps because I always think I'm late? My watch is set to not show the time when my HRM is going, must fix that. My legs were tired when I got to work...

Almost 9 hours later, I left work (a little late) and enjoyed the reduced traffic on the ride out of downtown. I ride a pretty busy street for 8 blocks and just take a lane to myself. I've only been yelled at by one driver. I can keep up with traffic until the last 2 blocks where the lights are consistently green. It's so much faster to go this route than to take the wider, arguably safer street that I take into work. Bikes and cars get stuck at each light going both ways. It took me 3 minutes to get from my office to Old Sac which is about 1/2 mile, I'm shocked my HR was only 159 because when I'm pushing 22mph (my max on level ground?) to try to keep up with the cars in those last few blocks, it feels like my heart is going to explode. My quads are screaming too. But it's much better than a 12 minute stop-and-go on the other street.

After I rode through the park, I decided to try a new route home. I recalled seeing the airport loop route online last weekend when I was deciding where to ride my century and I wanted to explore part of the airport loop. I got a little bit lost by failing to make a turn. I ended up in a business area and the street ended - all I could see was the interstate. No biggie, just got some extra miles! Turned around and guessed which way to go to find a way over the freeway. Then after I crossed the interstate I thought I was lost but just as I was about to pull into a truck stop and call someone (anyone with google maps available to them), I saw the street I was looking for. The roads weren't that great, but less traffic than the streets I usually ride on. It was fun to explore. I may try the full airport loop sometime although crossing I-80 on El Camino wasn't really my favorite part of the day.

Exploring is one thing I love about riding my bike. The route can be changed so easily. On Tuesday I rode my hybrid with panniers so I could take my clothes, lunches, and snacks for the week to work without having the weight on my back. On the way home I stopped on the side of the road and bought cherries and they fit nicely in the empty panniers.

Today is the third day in a row that I've gotten 2 hours of aerobic exercise in a day. (Monday's run was 10 minutes short.) Makes sense that I'm tired!

Tomorrow I have to be at work early which means I'm not getting 2 hours of exercise. Sleep is an important part of my training plan!

Bike month miles with 3 days to go:
Rose: 643
Kendra: 592


  1. Getting lost on the way home from work?! Hmmmm. I can see you are taking from my play book now. :)

  2. I thought of you while it was happening!