Thursday, May 14, 2009

Riding and schedule changes

Yesterday I rode a good solid 20 miles in the morning. I didn't do any intervals, just tried to keep up a good pace. I need to check my training log, but I think my ride went the same distance as the previous week when I'd done intervals, and took the same amount of time. Maybe my recovery pace between intervals was too slow? Maybe I'm getting faster? In the afternoon I rode a few extra miles, but my back started hurting with my backpack on, and my allergies flared up so I called it a day.

After reading Joe Friel's training books, I've decided to try to mix up my typical training week a bit. He suggests scheduling the long run and long bike days at least 48 hours apart from each other. If you can't do that, he says do long run on Saturday and long bike on Sunday, to prevent injuries. (Most triathletes seem to do it the other way around, so that it's done in the same order as the actual triathlon, bike before run.) I made that change about 6 weeks ago and it's really helped my run. My knees and IT band didn't hurt as much mainly. So I've decided to give his ideal schedule a try by doing my long run (just 8-9 miles this week) before work today.

It's tempting to scratch the long run entirely and do another bike ride so that I can maintain my lead on Rose, but another Ironman-in-training (who had a similar dilemma this winter) reminded me, I'm not training to win the contest, I'm training for Ironman! Less than 6 months until race day -- I can't afford to quit running for the month just to bike more, even though it's amazingly tempting. Must remind self - contest is fitting into the IM training. Not the other way around.

Kendra: 214
Rose: 157 (though I think she forgot to log her ride home yesterday, which would put her at 174)

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  1. Don't worry Kendra. I haven't quit running. I did my long on Sunday - 8 miles and had two other run days this week too.

    I'm just hard to beat. :)