Monday, May 25, 2009

Poor man's century + long run

My mom complained that I haven't updated the blog so this is for you mom..

Thursday was Bike to Work Day, so I had to bike to work. Just 15 miles roundtrip, not much! I ran 0.7 miles immediately after the return trip with the dog. A short and easy brick workout and it gave her some exercise after being home alone all day too. Then I headed to REI to pickup my new aerobars and a new saddle. Always fun to buy new equipment!

Friday seems like a long time ago at this point. It turned into a rest day. I'd planned to swim after work but Dave was going to get back to Sac early and I wanted to put my aerobars on in time for my Saturday morning ride and clean up my bike a little. I had no idea how long the bike stuff would take. It ended up taking a lot of time. I was so exhausted Friday night that I gave up on it and went to bed around 9.

Saturday, with Dave's help, I attached the aerobars. It took awhile though, and then I had to decide on a route. I wanted to ride 100 Saturday and 100 Monday so I could get ahead of Rose by as much as possible. I found a route that was a 25 mile loop that would put me back home every 25 miles (<2 hours) which would be perfect for restroom stops/water refills/etc. But once I got riding I realized how windy it was and since I wanted to put in aero miles and not worry about cars, I rode to the bike path instead. I really enjoyed my ride. The weather wasn't too hot or too cold (after about 25 min). Surprisingly there weren't that many people on the bike path for a nice Saturday. I did have 2 almost accidents though, one would've been a 6 person pile-up and I thought for sure I was going down. But somehow my bike just slid all over the place and I stayed upright and unclipped just in time to put my foot down as the guy behind me caught my elbow and we leaned against each other to both avoid falling. That was near the end of my 100 mile ride and it got my adrenaline going again so no harm I suppose.

The bike ride was nice for lots of reasons... During the Lodi century I didn't have any of those "why did I sign up for IM?" moments, and I didn't on Saturday either. It's nice having those be mostly a thing of the past. Although maybe they'll come back as the running miles increase?

On Saturday though I was tempted to make it a shorter day and not ride the full 100. (It's called the Poor Man's Century because it was all on the bike path and I didn't pay any money to an organization to provide me food and water, etc, during the ride.) Mostly I was tempted to call it quits because I started the ride so late it was going to blow the whole day. It's really hard for me to go and exercise ALL day when it's the only day of the weekend that Dave and I have to spend together. But I knew I had Sunday to spend with Dave, so I persevered and at a certain point there was no reason to even consider calling it quits because I wanted to see how fast I could ride the 100 and I didn't want to have to start from scratch the next time. Total time was 6:47:48 which is an average of 15mph - though this includes the water stops, and the 180s that I did to double back and add miles. I did a stretch on the south side of Lake Natoma 4 times because it requires good technical riding due to the curves in the road and the "hills". It was good practice for me. My actual riding speed was an average of 15.9 mph.

As soon as I got back home I changed my shorts and shoes and headed out the door for a short transition run with the puppy. I ran 1.3 miles and the first mile took 12 minutes but that included a few stops for the puppy, so I feel pretty good about the transition runs. I felt like I could've run 5 miles but I was hungry and ready to spend the evening with Dave!

Sunday I went to Arizona at the last minute to visit my ailing grandparents. I had a good visit with them Sunday afternoon, followed by a quick swim in my parents' pool, and then gluten-free pizza and beer at a local italian place. Ate all those calories I burned on Saturday, and then some.

I planned on a run for Monday, but it hadn't occured to me while packing that I could actually do a long run while in AZ, so I didn't bring any hydration packs. Mistake! I hate carrying water bottles so I found a 4 mile loop to do and went home to drink water after 4 miles and after 8 miles, but wow I was so thirsty. Sure is a dry heat there. I ran 9.68 total. I was tempted to make it a nice even 10, but knew doing more than planned was the road to injury. I averaged 11:30 minute miles (including my stops). Felt a little slow but not terrible. Curious what my pace of actual running was. I also remembered (mostly) to walk 1 minute after every 10 minutes of running. For the most part I was doing 15:00 min mile pace during the walking.

If I can average 15 mph on the bike in Florida, that'll be a 7.5 hour bike ride. Assuming the swim + transitions takes me 2 hours, that leaves me with 7.5 hours to run the marathon (17:10 min miles). I am starting to think I can actually finish the race in under 17 hours!  I'm feeling confidence in my cycling and I already had confidence in my swim (although I need to swim more regularly or that confidence is going to be a mistake). So things are going well!

Back home in Sac now and am getting back on the bike tomorrow!

Rose: 535  (some of those on a new bike - so jealous I am!)
Kendra: 511


  1. Good job Kendra, thanks for the update. I needed that.

  2. Good job sticking with doing the whole the century!