Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monster and peloton

I've created a monster! Rose has decided she loves bicycle commuting so much she's going to do it every day! That's 150 miles each week for her. The contest is not looking good for me. But on the plus side, I've encouraged another person to get out of her car and onto a bike! One less car!

My long run this morning went pretty well. I started in the park along the bike path a little before mile marker 0.5. I planned to run to marker 4.0 and turn around and if I had enough time I'd run some more before getting the bike out of the trunk and riding to work. I learned something new today - there is no painted mile marker 4.0 on the bike path! (Either that or I missed it both ways.) I knew I had to turn back after 42 minutes but I thought I was so close to 4.0 that I kept running, figuring I'd just have to run faster on the way back. Finally I realized I should check my split time, since I was letting my watch keep track of each 1/2 mile. Well, the 1/2 mile I'd been running had taken me 9 minutes by then, so I knew I'd missed it. I saw the freeway up ahead so I decided to run to that figuring I could measure the distance from the 4.0 marker to the freeway later on Google Earth, but once I got there I could see the 4.5 marker so I ran just a little bit more. Needless to say I walked into my office at 9:03. oops! I got a good 20 minutes of tempo running in the middle of the long run. I think I like the mid-week long run, though I need to wake up earlier each week to add mileage. Also I think I will need to drink some coffee after arriving at work. I was ready for a nap by 3pm today.

On the return bike ride after work, I saw a big group heading out for the Thursday night river ride. A peloton of maybe 25-35 guys (pretty sure it really is all guys) who are known for being hard core riders. A coworker joins them, but I've been warned by members of the tri club that I need to stay away. They really push the group riding and ride fast (high 20s mph) and it's apparently a really good place to get into a crash. I'll pass. It was fun to see them ride by though, as I headed along the trail to get a few extra miles in.

The afternoon rides are just not enjoyable for me for the most part. The wind picks up and there is pollen flying everywhere. I usually turn around and head to my car when I can't stop sneezing or my eyes itch so much that I want to scratch them out of my head.

Tomorrow is a long swim day followed by a short day at work followed by either a massage or some bike test rides. Saturday is a looooong bike ride!

Kendra: 223
Rose: 193

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