Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May is Bike Month contest

As I think I mentioned, May is Bike Month here in Sacramento. On the website where we log our miles, there's an option to "challenge a friend." Just for kicks, I decided to challenge Rose to see which of us could log the most bike miles this month. She then responded saying, ok but only if this is a real contest where the winner wins something. Winner now gets dinner at PF Changs (gluten free and nutritional information easily available!) courtesy of loser. Apparently Rose does not take lightly to contests. All of her friends have told me I'm going down.

We were both around 50 something early last week. Rose turned her 30 mile roundtrip commute into a bike ride a few times, and I had my long ride this weekend. If she rides to work each day I may have a problem. My only hope is that she realizes she has to run a marathon in 2 weeks. (I also got lucky that her parents were in town last weekend keeping her busy.) It's tempting to ditch my run this morning and ride my bike instead, but I do want to make sure I keep my running miles up! I'll try to include an update on the contest regularly.

Current tally: Kendra: 172, Rose: 105.

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  1. Rose's friends don't know Kendra. :-)