Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gotta ride

Yesterday morning I got so excited about bike month that I ended up running out the door with my bike clothes on, determined to ride in the morning and get that pesky run done in the afternoon. By the time I got to the park with my bike in the trunk, I'd thought better of it, changed back to my running clothes, and did my 4 mile run. THEN I hopped on the bike and squeezed 9.5 miles out before arriving at work. On the way home I rode an extra .5 to make the total a nice even number (decimals are not allowed on the bike month website, and Rose and I are aiming to be as accurate as possible). Then I decided I might as well ride 1 more mile. I stopped at 1 extra because I had my backpack on with my running shoes in it and it wasn't comfortable. (When I ride my hybrid to work I use panniers, no backpack.)

Today is a bike day so I gotta go ride! Rose's 30+ mile commute is helping her gain on me.

Kendra: 186
Rose: 138


  1. Ok so dumb question from the non-biking/running girl here.. how do you know how far you've gone? Do you have a doodad on your bike or is it mapped out online before you go? Does a little birdie fly next to you and let you know how far you've gone?

  2. On my road bike I have a bike computer (doodad). My hybrid (what i would use for commuting if I didn't want to ride a lot of miles) doesn't have a bike computer though, so I either use the distance I know from having ridden it on my road bike, or I use something like Google Earth to map it out or or

  3. Oh and the bike computer on my road bike tells me distance, in case that wasn't clear. It also gives me my average speed and max speed and the riding time (riding time stops when bike is stopped).

  4. Ok very cool, I thought some kind of doodad was involved.

  5. This is the one I've got - It shows me cadence (pedals per minute) too.