Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dog run

I finally found my shoe-pod, a little device that attaches to my shoelaces and sends a signal to my watch which keeps track of how far I run. So this morning I took Sierra to the dog park, and we both ran around in circles. I ran bigger circles and managed to run 2 miles - 20 laps around the park. Boring! There were two other humans there and one of them had chatted with me before and my ironman training came up and he's a former marathoner, so he just said something about me getting plenty of mileage in today. The other human was too busy with his dogs to think I was crazy, I think. Then I ran with Sierra along a path through a park. I jogged slowly so she could mostly keep up by walking fast, and she was on the grass which is good for her puppy joints/paws. It wore her out. Yay. After work we went on a walk together and I biked a little bit, just trying to stay ahead of Rose as long as possible. I only ran twice last week and it may end up like that again this week. Thursday should be my long run day, but it's Bike to Work Day, so I have to bike to work!

Kendra: 372
Rose: 357

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