Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bike shopping and a great workout day

Yesterday I went bike shopping. I'm looking to upgrade my entry level road bike (trek 1000) which doesn't fit me as well as it could. I've been testing bikes for the last few months. I've found two I like - the Specialized Ruby and the Cervelo S1. The Cervelo seems like a really great deal. The bike rides fast, looks great, and all the reviews online are stellar. I'm just not sure it fits me. The bike shop guy said it did, but I'm not sure I trust him. (Can someone my age really be that knowledgable about fit? Probably, but send the old folks my way, please.) It would be great because it doubles as a road bike and a tri bike. The Ruby has a compact geometry though, which was suggested to me by the last bike fitter who saw me on my Trek (he was older and therefore wiser, yes?). I didn't reach any conclusions about bikes yesteday, and since the shopping trip took over 3 hours, my workout for the day turned into the bike test rides (maybe 10 miles of riding total...)

I had a great workout day today though. In the morning I biked the 3 miles from the park to work (it didn't even rain on me!), then biked an extra mile around the capitol park. In the afternoon, I biked back to my car then rode an extra 2 miles. I pledged 300 miles for the month. (May is Bike Month in Sacramento. City's goal is to get people to ride and log 1 million miles on bikes this month.) Since I didn't ride over the weekend, I'm a bit behind. After I got to my car, I drove to the gym (it's really only 1/2 mile away from where I parked my car, so I could've just ridden there and locked the bike up, but the park closes at "dusk" and I haven't figured out when that is yet and so I'm trying to make sure my car doesn't get gated in overnight).

At the gym, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill - I made it a "rolling hills" workout, but I think I overdid it trying to run 3-4% incline at 11:30 right at the start. By 1.5 miles I was too tired to keep running hills and I had to slow the pace down to 12 min miles. I am definitely not in shape to run my hilly 5 mile route that I used to do on St Thomas every so often! The "hills" kept the run interesting though. Then I lifted weights for 30 minutes. I think I finally found the right weight limit for each machine that I do to be exhaust the muscles so that the last rep was the last one I could possibly do. My legs and arms have a great post-workout feeling.

I feel like I lost an hour somewhere today though. I was sure the clocks in the gym were wrong, but once I got home it really was almost 8. I'm glad I had my dinner planned and mostly cooked. When I workout after work and before dinner, it's hard to eat enough to get through the workout but not eat so much that it irritates my stomach during the workout or so that it leaves me with no calories left for a real dinner post-workout. I'm trying to make sure I've got my food ready a few days ahead. Not sure I'll manage to get to bed by 9:30 tonight as I'd hoped because I still need to get my exercise gear together for tomorrow, and I need to stretch some more, too. Planning on riding to work, but riding for awhile on the bike trail before actually heading to work. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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