Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful biking weather

We had fantastic weather this weekend for cycling. I rode 30 miles on Saturday during my test rides, and 84 miles yesterday along the river bike path. The 84 miler was my longest ride ever (hit 75 last year and before that it was the 56 miles in my half ironman).  I'd hoped to do 80, and when I realized 84 was exactly 3/4 the distance of an ironman bike leg, I had to add 4 more miles. It felt great. I wished that I had aero bars though, or a tri bike!  I used my REI members coupon to buy aero bars before I went to bed.
I think this was the first time I rode more than 50 miles by myself. I actually enjoyed it because it meant I only had to stop when I needed to stop and I was going my own pace the whole time. Noone ahead of me that I had to hammer my legs to catch up to either. It gave me the chance to focus on muscular endurance. Total ride took me 5 hours and 43 minutes, actual riding time was 5:22 (15.6 mph). I need to work on speed too... I had a steady 15.7 until the last 10-15 miles or so when it started to drop.
During the ride I happened to meet a few fellow Sac Tri Club members at a water fountain near the hatchery. (I was wearing my STC jersey.) When they passed me awhile later while I was stopped to get my pretzels out of my saddle bag, they made sure I was okay. One of the things I love about the river path is that there are so many other cyclists out there that you're never far from help if you need it. There are even emergency call boxes along the path. The water fountains and restrooms and lack of cars make it pretty unbeatable in terms of a good place to ride.
I stopped by chipotle on the way home to get a burrito bowl which I put in the fridge as soon as I got home. Wasn't sure my stomach was quite up to it. Drank an Ensure to get the refueling going (perfect refueling food!), showered, stretched, then relaxed on the couch for an hour before I felt hungry. I eat and drink plenty on my rides, so it's not like I was starving. Burned over 2300 calories on the ride and consumed about 1750, approx 300 per hour. My goal caloric intake per hour on the bike is actually 300 per hour. I was surprised I hit it almost exactly since I didn't plan it in a timed manner. I just brought what I thought would be enough, and then brought a few hundred extra calories just in case. I think I finished with about 400 calories in my bag that I hadn't touched. After finally eating, I made my lunch and dinner for the week by cooking chicken, salmon, buckwheat, and chopping various vegetables. It took me quite awhile, but I'm thinking part of that was due to being so tired from the ride that my brain was a little slow. It's nice to have my food all ready (and now at work) so I can just focus on my workouts, work, and sleep during the week. Next time though, I think I'll make the food on a long run day. Long bike days are just too long for lots of cooking.
Almost nine hours of sleep later I was ready to go for a swim before work. Concentrated on drills, so if I counted accurately (doubtful but probably somewhat close) I only swam 1000yds in 30 minutes. But my form was good, and it's important to focus on form!

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  1. Good Job! Sounds like the bike ride was a good one... I liked riding to the hatchery for work b/c it gave me a nice long (for me) ride where all I had to worry about was how fast I wanted to go.

    Next ride... Sac -> Chico? :)