Friday, May 1, 2009

1.2 miles

Earlier this week I wasn't feeling super well. I woke up early to ride my bike on the trainer Wednesday, but I just didn't feel right. I spun on the bike for 5 minutes, then hopped off, deciding I didn't feel well. After a few minutes, I decided I was just being lazy and I climbed back on and rode for another 15 minutes before deciding it was time to call it quits. I still can't quite identify what the problem was, but I kept thinking about a bit I read in one of my many triathlon training books - each workout should serve a purpose. Since I wasn't feeling well enough to really ride and get a cardio or muscular workout, I couldn't identify a reason to keep going, and there were plenty of reasons to stop - mainly, so I could rest if I was ill! I took Thursday off from exercise too and got 8.5-9 hours of sleep Wednesday and Thursday night and I feel much better today. One of the hardest parts about self-coaching is knowing when to push myself and when to give myself a break. It's a tough line to identify sometimes.

This morning I felt like swimming for the first time in awhile. I swam 1.2 miles - the distance of the swim in a half iron triathlon, so yes, half the distance I'll do in Florida. It was nice that it wasn't hard for me, considering I've not been swimming more than once or twice a month. I'm pleased it came back easily. I timed each 500 yards (20 lengths) and they were all almost exactly 10 minutes. The 1.2 (84.5 lengths) took me 42 minutes. I think I've definitely improved my stroke. I concentrated on my stroke the whole time, in addition to concentrating on which lap I was on. Lauren taught me a good way to count lengths, for a 20 length set, go through each month of the year: January is the first length, February is the second, etc, after December, count length 13 as "13", just because it's 13. Then go through the days of the week. That gives you 20. It was a lot easier than just counting up to 84. The clouds were very dark but the water felt nice after just a lap. It was sprinkling a little, but the pool was pretty empty so I got to swim in a middle lane for a change. (At masters swim, I'm in the slow lane, which is on the edge.)

After a brief pause in the hot tub, I hopped on the treadmill. I planned to run a mile but I got distracted. When I saw the distance had reached 1.05 I decided to run 1.2. (ocd!) Did that in 14 min - it was set at 11:30 pace. It is so nice to have 11:30 be an easy run for me. A few years ago an easy run speed meant 15 minute miles, basically just barely a step above walking fast.

Then I did my weight lifting, which takes about 35 minutes. My arms are pretty tired right now! I've got to pack to head up to Chico though. I think I'll bring my bike and my trainer, in case it's raining and I need to do my weekend ride indoors. If the sky clears up, I might join one of the Chico cycling clubs on a ride this weekend.

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