Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wildflower weekend

I'm in Chico for the weekend. Pretty tired and about to veg out with Dave so this is just a quick post. Yesterday I ran 9.17 miles at Bidwell Park (the park where the forest in Robin Hood (the original) movie was filmed). It was a nice shaded park to run in. My knees hurt after 6 or 7 miles though.

Today Lauren and I did the Chico Wildflower 100k bike ride. It was a great day for a ride. Tons of cyclists for this event. I think I read 4,000. We actually rode 72 miles since we rode to/from the ride start. I did a 15 minute run right after it so it was my bike-emphasis brick workout. Run felt pretty good, but we did have quite a few stops along the way so it wasn't a constant 72 mile ride. Lauren had mechanical issues, and when there's so much great food at the rest stops, how can you not stop and eat for awhile? The ride was basically flat with one big hill to climb up to Paradise. The weather was pretty much perfect and I finally dressed appropriately instead of dressing as though I'm about to go on a bike ride on Antarctica. Time to veg!


  1. Hello Kendra.
    How are you shifting your diet to prepare for the Ironman? Good luck. Thanks for writing on my page!

    -John Martin

  2. John - I haven't modified my diet specifically for Ironman, other than aiming for 100g of protein each day. But I went gluten free a few months ago per my doctor's advice. That's definitely made some shifts (that's how I found your website). I realized that the GF foods I was eating on my long rides didn't have enough sodium for me. So now I bring GF pretzels with me. Normally I'd love PB&J as a great mid-ride snack, but GF bread is just way too dry to make a sandwich and eat it hours later. Or at least I haven't been adding enough jelly to make it work yet... Any tips?