Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tut-tut, it looks like rain

It looks like Sacramento is in for some rain this week. I'm so bummed, I thought the spring/dry season was here to stay. I know we desperately need the rain if I want to do triathlons in lakes here, otherwise they'll end up being "dry-athlons with no water for the swim, but I'd really like it to only rain directly into the lake so that I can avoid getting wet when I want to bike or run.
I don't like bike commuting in the rain because a small part of my commute involves riding on very busy streets without bike lanes. Since the sky is threatening today, I drove my car to Discovery Park and rode my bike from there. If it rains this afternoon, I'll only have a mile to ride on roads and the rest (2-3 miles) will be on off-street bike paths. My gym is right across the street from that park, so I can do my 3-4 mile run on the treadmill. If it doesn't rain, I'll ride my bike in the other direction and go to my tri class run and then still be able to ride my bike to my car before dark. I really hate getting stuck in the rain though so I might wimp out and go with the rainy plan even if it isn't actually raining at 5:30. A run at the gym would give me a good opportunity to get back into weight lifting too.
Tomorrow's plan is my normal bike commute, but I'd like to add some extra cycling miles to that if the weather holds up. Ideally I'd love to ride my road bike on the bike path for an hour or so before work, but I don't want to ride my road bike for my commute if it might rain. Too slippery. That's why I got a hybrid.

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